Angelina Jolie Having Lesbian Flings?

Friday, May 6, 2011

ANGELINA Jolie has been cheating on Brad Pitt – with a string of different WOMEN — according to a bombshell new report.

America’s In Touch Weekly magazine claims Jolie — who raises six children with Pitt — has been having flings with several ladies.

“Angelina harbors strong bisexual desires — and continues to have flings with other women behind Brad’s back,” a source said.

“In her mind, it’s just sex. And since she wouldn’t fool around with a man, she doesn’t consider it cheating.”

Recent reports claimed Angelina has banned her six kids from reading Female Force: Angelina Jolie — the comic book about their superstar mother.

The 32-page publication focuses on Jolie’s acting career, family life and humanitarian activities, but it also portrays her unconventional lifestyle choices using explicit imagery  from her uber-sexy movie roles.

“She just doesn’t think it’s right for her kids,” a source told American tabloid the National Enquirer.

“She’d let them look at it if it were more of a Tomb Raider kind of comic, but it is far from THAT.

“Maddox, 9, and Pax, 7, have been clamoring for the comic ever since they first heard  about it, and they got sisters Zahara, 6, and Shiloh, 4, excited about looking at cartoon drawings of mommy.

“But Angie had to tell the four oldest kids that it wasn’t an appropriate magazine for them to have.

“Brad agreed the comic was just too sophisticated for the children.

“Brad and Angie allow their children to play violent video games and look at regular superhero comics and adventure magazines, but they decided this look at Angelina’s life was off limits.

“She banned the children from seeing it. Their parenting policy is not to censor the real world from their kids – unless it involves their personal lives and someone else’s take on it.

“But when someone sent Brad a copy of the Angie comic, he got a real kick out of it.

“He’ll probably end up slipping a copy of the book to Maddox and Pax a few years down the line — when Angelina isn’t around, of course.”



    I hope that were not their poor nannies with several foreign languages and Сertifiсatеs…

    • jilly

      I said it before: she uses them and abuses them but I did not know how high the usage was!!! No wonder she lets Brad go out on his own. Empty the house and play with the bilingual nannies, hahaha

      • MIMI

        thats HOT! Angie on Angie- haha

    • Katey

      I know for a FACT she was this hot blonde musician girl out of LA via youtube

      • Sue

        YA KATEY- I read your post above and I’ve seen those two out on the town together- that girl’s band is pretty good and she id DEF a HOTTIE! Don’t blame Jolie at all.

      • jilly

        Extremely interesting! Thanks for the video, she could easily be the lover they are talking about.

      • Carrie

        YUP the girl in that video seen Jolie at here show and I’ve seen them at a night club. Nice call!

      • raci

        what is this girl’s name??? does anyone know. we need to find out.

      • Carrie

        I know her name is Angela but she goes by Angie.

      • raci

        Wow, Angie and Angie!



    • stranger

      In fluent French : “Je, je, je,…”

    • jilly

      As we know that’s a requirement for her lesbian fling along with a Masters degree in “SAME SEX STUDIES”. This way she doesn’t have to leave the house to cheat. ;) Good going HOLLIE!!!

      • Patty Fitz

        Wow, this is really gross. I think I’m going to throw up now. Thanks a lot people!


    It’s because of too big lips…

    • jilly

      A big Ho with big lips….

      • Tommy

        Jenifer Anmiston is a super big ho with a super big hole because she slept with a string of Hollywood young boy toys


    I mean her ‘ability’ to speak French.
    But she can study new words making new tattoo.
    (Je, je, sh*t, je…) )

    • jilly

      She barely speaks English, I doubt if she speaks French or any other languages for that matter. She is good at foreign tattoos though.


    Je, je putain de Langue Francaise… MERDE! :)

  • Lucia

    Didn’t the world already know that she like and had relationships in the past with women.In fact didn’t she have a relationship with a Asian model that works for Tommy Hilfiger?

  • Nazchuck

    Ha ha ha! Leave angie to enjoy her life. May be her children would take over her business

  • Nazchuck

    Ha ha ha! Leave angie to enjoy her life. May be her children would take over her business.

  • jilly

    Stupid Brad is getting what he deserves. Cheating with a woman is still cheating. I wonder if they invite him to one of their private parties or the lesbo bitch would be too jealous to do that…….

    • Loria

      Who said that Brad was stuppid. That person is dumb

  • What Ever Makes You Happy

    Nothing wrong with being freaky, most people are freaks just some are better at hiding it than others, and everyone has freak potential! Just make sure the person your getting freaky with is on the same page as you.


    Jolie’s freak potential is something!

  • bee

    I don’t believe this crap. Six years so far, jealous bitter bitches can’t not move on. Bullshit.! Leave them alone. Care your own. Cheap, lies magazines only make money from the dumbass idiots.

  • Just Sayin

    ToMmy this article has nothing to do with Jennifer Aniston but yet here you are putting Jennifer in this triangle..LOL Jennifer is single having fun see Jennifer divorce Brad and now Brad and Angelina are together which has nothing to do with Jennifer…It dosen’t matter who Jennifer is with or what she’s doing!!! Jennifer is living her life and enjoying it……Why does that bother you…Jennifer dosen’t have a dark shaded jaded past like Angelina…LOL SO get the f*ck over it already…..

  • maddox

    dads mad now. moms drug us off again. i wanna go home jill help us

    • jilly

      Hi maddox!!! How could I miss you here. Where did she drag you guys. No wonder your dad is going to parties by himself. Come home maddox, I’ll come and get you. xoxo

  • maddox

    angie is moms friend. her one friend

    • jilly

      So they are actually friends? I thought people make stories to promote the rocker angie. maddox, I believe you.

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