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Whitney Houston’s Daughter Facing Six Months in Jail?

Posted by Adam

WHITNEY Houston‘s troubled daughter is facing six months in jail after being caught up in a gun battle — according to a new report.

American tabloid the National Enquirer claims Bobbi Kristina Brown, 18, was handcuffed and ordered to lie down after police nabbed her during the bloody confrontation in Roswell, Ga.

Bobbi  has been charged as a minor in possession of alcohol. If convicted, she could spend a half-year behind bars.

“Whitney was horrified when she found out her daugh­ter was in the middle of the drunken brawl,” a source said.

“It absolutely terrified her that a gun was involved and Bobbi could have been shot by accident. Whit­ney shipped her daughter to Los Angeles just days later to get her away from the bad influences.”

Recent reports claimed Whitney was left devastated when tabloids published photos of Bobbi — her child with ex-husband Bobby Brown – snorting cocaine.

“Whitney was devastated over the photos showing Krissi using cocaine, and the story that quoted her telling friends, ‘I’m just like my mother,’” a said.

“She called a family meeting and sobbed as she told Krissi, ‘I don’t want to lose you.’

“Whitney called Bobby, and they agreed that Krissi needs rehab.

“They also agreed on a tough-love move to shake Krissi up, and Whitney returned a Lexus convertible that she’d bought for Krissi’s birthday.”

“Krissi is denying that she has a problem. She says that she does cocaine for fun and isn’t addicted.

“Bobby reminded Whitney that she used to have drugs all over their house. He also accused her of being ‘coked up’ in public, looking like a mess and setting a bad example all along to their daughter.

“Whitney told Bobby that he did drugs too and got into more legal trouble than she ever did.

“Bobby and Whitney are pointing fingers at each other, but the truth is that they’re both responsible. Krissi has been around while her parents and their friends were drinking and drugging ever since she was a little girl”


  • Rakeem

    Whitney Houston daughter needs stay away from cocaine its bad for you if she stay jail is a bad place.

  • jb

    Whitney need to move out rough city for awhile save her child….God bless them both….

  • Patty Fitz

    Wow, what a terrible mess. I don’t care fore either parents but my heart goes out to their daughter. I hope they can put their differences aside to help her instead of confusing her more than they already have.

  • alice mc nicol

    I thought that Whitney and Bobby had sobered up ?

  • Jerry

    What is the matter with you dummies.

    How can the daughter be smarter then her mother.

    No surprise……If you have a mother on dope.What do you have in the daughter…………….A daughter on dope

    Tell me.What is the SURPRISE…..

    Same reason……..TRASH trucks…………..pick up TRASH