Prince William and Kate Middleton Meet the Obamas!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

PRINCE William and his new wife Kate Middleton are getting to work!

The couple — who recently returned from their honeymoon –  met briefly with President Barack and First Lady Michelle Obama at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday.

The meeting was held so they could trade talk of William and Kate’s upcoming tour of the U.S. — they will visit California in July — and, it is believed, they chatted about the couple’s wedding.

The Obamas’ arrival at the Palace marked their formal welcome to the U.K. They stepped out into the garden terrace bathed in spring sunshine to listen to renditions of the countries’ respective national anthems, and the President inspected the guard of honor, alongside Prince Philip.

A short distance away, in Green Park, a 41-gun salute could be heard.


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  • Patty Fitz

    Exactly why were the Obamas in the UK in the 1st place? We hve a National Crisis up the ying yang here and they are out blowing our money to say hello to the prince and princess? I want to know why they were there!!!

  • Tracey

    I agree with Patty. I think the Obamas should spend a little time here and actually behave like the President and First Lady. This country is falling apart so isn’t it time that our President stepped up and did something for the American people.

  • Elmo

    Fear not, the obamas are but a simple speck of dirt that but temporarily blurred the purity of William and kate in their presence.

    • Elmo

      I still stand by the basic meaning though.

  • Elmo

    THE OBAMAS SUCK BALLS!!! maybe black people really aren’t fit to run the country…

  • Shelia

    Wow, these 4 little responses actually seem to small to even be relevant however the language and words used to express your dismay in something you probably have no business responding to herks me.

    Reply #1: How do you know it was your money being used to pay for the trip that they took?
    Reply #2: You agree with the “Patty.” How does a President and First Lady act. Maybe like Clinton in the oval office or maybe like George Bush running after Osama Bin Laden and never finding him.
    Reply #3: You are too pure for me to respond and too translucent.
    Reply #4: It wasn’t black people who made the problems that exist in this country. In addition, it was the black people who told massah that this would happen. (Conde & Colin)

  • Elmo

    I actually see your point, especially with 3… Yes that was mine, as you know. Looking back at that comment, I do sound like a weird asshole.

  • Elmo

    If there are 3 comments from me that more or less say the same thing, my computer just had a glitch. That’s all.

  • What?

    Wow the hate, first Obama did not cause the problems we have now with this country he’s trying to clean up a mess your past presidents caused. And as for Kate and William have to agree they are not that important to warrant a visit from the POTUS!

    They are just a couple who shacked up for years and finally decided to make it legal. His mother was a Princess and a true lady in every since of the word and his father treated her like sh*t and married his mistress.

    The whole royal family is a joke, and the Obamas shouldn’t give them the time of day. After the way they treated Lady Di I lost all respect for them years ago.

  • Elmo

    Actually the jokers in the royal fam are prince Charles, Camilla, and MAYBE, Just MAYBE, the queen. Will and Harry did not treat their own mother like shit. They are just like her and prince Charles seems to not have left any influence on them, thank god. Will and Kate are compassionate and not snobs. And thanks to Di and Kate, no more horse faced snobs in the royal family!!! The obamas did not bother much with anyone other than will and Kate. Barack Obama plunged our country deeper into the recession and the vast majority of americans agree he is the worst president ever. Israel might start hating us because of him! Sounds like “America the beautiful” is becoming an oxymoron!

  • Elmo

    Clarifying, the fact that I hate the obamas has nothing to do with their skin tone.

  • Elmo

    Another asshole is prince Philip.

  • Elmo

    Ahh, America. Land of the assholes and the home of the f***ing cowards.