Enrique Iglesias Buys His Own Songs

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

ENRIQUE Iglesias has come up with a cheeky plan to keep himself at the top of the charts.

The Hero hitmaker says he has no qualms about digging deep for a bit of self promotion.

“I buy my own songs if I have to,” admits Enrique on the secret of his success. “If there’s voting like for who’s you favorite singer I will go in there and vote for myself.”

Enrique recently revealed he isn’t ready to have children with his longtime love Anna Kournikova.

“I love the idea [of being a father], although I don’t think now is the best time. Anna says I’d be a fantastic father, but I reckon it would mean there’d be two kids in the house!” he said.

“Anna isn’t pregnant, and on top of that I don’t think it’s necessary to be married. Anna and I are happy as we are. I don’t think getting married will necessarily make me any happier. But she does love children and she’ll make a great mom.”


  • leondra

    Then why did he announce her as his wife at his concert in Moscow? was he drunk? or if not he made this biggest FOOL of himself come on you have to be living in a bubble to think they are not married. Anna wears a ring and a WEDDING band now. I think enrique iglesias is the biggest idiot alive aside from looking like he died what happened to him no brains and now no looks just music what a life!

  • Mix

    Enrique we love you ,leondora go to hell

  • K

    Leondra… Got some anger there? Got it outta ur system yet? If you hate Enrique then don’t comment-you shouldn’t care thar much if you hate him…
    Or do you really?

    I love you Enrique!


    He buys his own music? i hope thats really a rumor if not hes pathetic. I dont think he needs to buy his own music….he does well enough with his fans but i will say if he did announce anna as his wife in Moscow as this Leondra says and then denied it afterwards then something is wrong with him just saying.

  • megha

    Enrique didnt introduce anna as his wife in moscow. it was a small child who was there with him whom he jokingly intoduced as his wife. he said later on he was misinterpreted. go check out the video. and please leondra dont take out your anger by writng comments if you dont like him just ignore.

  • petrova

    @MEGHA Are you mentally challenged? I am from Russia and FYI i was there at the concert Enrique iglesias introduced anna kournikova as his wife to the little girl saying this is my wife anna!!! I never heard him say personally he was misinterpreted. Enrique is loved in Russia and so is ANNA all of you enrique fans are just jealous of anna and cant accept they are married well deal with it and get over it! MEGHA do you know what a stupid person you sound like with this post? and as for Leondra she is entitled to her own opinion like believing they are married! what jealous ignorant fans enrique has get a life already! And leave them alone.

  • http://www.enriqueiglesiassongs.info/ Addison

    Enrique, the best singer !!!