Taylor Swift: ‘Fame is Like High School’

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

TAYLOR Swift says being famous is “just like” being “in high school”.

The country music star says life in the public eye means anything awkward which happens is on a much bigger scale.

“Anytime I’m onstage or watching the music video, the first thing that comes into my mind is the person I wrote the song about. It’s like the first thing that you think of is the moment that inspired the song, which is that excruciating, awful moment when you run into an ex for the first time,” she told MTV News.

“[Being a star is] just like in high school, except [the awkward moments happen] at an awards show. You go on living a normal life, except on a different scale.”

Swift recently revealed she’s been in a food frenzy since moving into her own place — only it’s not her doing the eating.

“Having my own place and my own oven and stove and refrigerator has been amazing,” says Taylor.

“I get to try all these different things in the kitchen and serve them up to friends. I love to improvise and sometimes it goes well and sometimes it doesn’t.”