Ewan McGregor Not Keen on Another Motorcycle Adventure

Thursday, May 26, 2011

EWAN McGregor says he’s unlikely to saddle up for another motorcycle adventure.

The 40-year-old actor broke into his movie career and his happy homelife for two TV expeditions with pal Charlie Boorman in which they traveled across Europe and then through Africa. And while a South American trip seems an obvious next trip, Ewan is not so sure.

“We haven’t got any firm plans,” he says. “We’ve done a Long Way Down, so it would be a Long Way Up! We’d have to start at the bottom of South America, and work our way up.

“It would be a very beautiful trip but the first two took an enormous amount of time. It’s four or five months to prep and probably four or five months to ride. I spend a lot of time away from my wife and kids as it is. I can’t really justify taking myself out of their company for months, in my down time as well.”

Ewan — who wed wife Eve Mavrakis 16 years ago — recently admitted he still feels like a marriage “beginner”.

“I still feel we are beginners,” Ewan said. “I’ve been in my relationship for a very long time. There are always new things that happen — things that surprise you or you discover about yourself and your partner all the time.

“However the feeling, the lovely feeling of being with someone for a really long time, it’s not about being a beginner – it’s the fact you know each other so well and you’re so comfortable in each other’s company.

“It’s about where it goes from there. That’s what makes our relationship, our marriage, our partnership. It’s so wonderful.”


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