Meg Ryan and John Mellencamp to Marry in July

Sunday, May 29, 2011

MEG Ryan and John Mellencamp are planning to tie the knot in July — even though the rocker’s still married!

The couple — who started dating earlier this year — recently revealed their marriage plans to family members.

“John’s children were shocked,” a source told American tabloid the National Enquirer.

“They don’t think their dad should be getting married so quickly. But he’s telling them that Meg is the woman he always wanted and that’s that.”

John, 59, filed for divorce from his third wife Elaine Irwin, 41, a supermodel, in January, after 18 years of marriage.

“John’s saying he’s going to invite Elaine to the wedding,” said the pal.

When Meg and John were first linked, sources said Ryan enjoyed the fact her new relationship attracted lots of media interest.

“Meg couldn’t be happier,” a pal said at the time.

“Not only has she got a great new guy, she’s back in the headlines. It’s not easy going from being one of the highest paid actresses in the world to an anonymous New Yorker. Meg’s loving all this attention again.

“Meg would much rather be back on the cover of the magazines announcing a hit new movie, but unfortunately that isn’t the case.

“Now folks are much more interested in your private life than if you have a hit movie.

“Look at Kate Gosselin or Kim Kardashian. They are always on magazine covers talking about their love life.”



  • Antigossip

    Stop repeating gossip please. Popeater & National Enquirer – your sources – are known for their endless streams of lies. This story is a perfect example of that, so many errors in it! Plus their reps have denied it already. So what is the point in repeating it?

  • chort

    Who cares in the real world?

  • Helen

    Fiction! Why would two introverts and known private people(meg and John) want a big fat attention getting wedding??

  • Gill

    Meg Ryan does NOT like press.

  • Ian

    I am really sick of the same rumors about Meg Ryan appreciating this press about her relationship being repeated verbatim on gossip sites over and over again for the last few months. She may not be quite the sweetheart America adopted in the ’90s (who could be?), but she isn’t the type to be courting headlines about her love life, especially after unwanted attention to it helped derail her career in the first place.

    • Antigossip

      ITA Ian.

  • Sabrina

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    • Coposan12

      spam sucks

  • Posh

    Is she stll living in soho?

  • Susan

    John needs to grow up he aint no teeny bopper any more and meg ryan omg she is old and fuggly where Elaine Irwin has it all im sure she will find a real prince someday and John will just keep on cheating on wife after wife aint that what cheaters do

  • WhenHarryMetSally

    Ok, lets get married just to restart your career, who cares. These Hollywood people trade in partners like they trade in used BMWs. Meg would get more jobs if she didn’t over due it on the plastic surgery, now she looks like Bozo the Clown.  

    • Fariborz

      bingo,too right,lovely comment

  • Anonymous

    If someone has to compete with Kate Gosselin or Kim Kardashian for magazine covers, I’d say no thank you.  The race to the bottom does not appeal to me.  Ms Ryan is such a talented actress.  I hope she makes some sort of age appropriate transition so we can see her again