Jennifer Hudson Can’t Get Book Deal

Monday, May 30, 2011

JENNIFER Hudson wants to write a book about her dramatic weight loss — but no one wants to publish it.

The singer/actress dropped  more than 80 pounds as a Weight Watchers spokeswoman, but she can’t land a seven-figure book deal.

The New York Post reports that while Hudson’s weight struggle and self-help tips are marketable, sources say because of her $1 million-plus demand for the deal, publishers are holding out for the full story about her coping with the horrific slaying of her family. Her mother, Darnell Donnerson, her older brother, Jason, and her 7-year-old nephew, Julian King, were killed in October 2008, allegedly by her brother-in-law, William Balfour, who was indicted for murder.

“It was disappointing. Her book about her diet is really appealing and wonderful. But if you spend a lot of money on the book deal, you want it to sell. With no talk of her family, we didn’t think it was worth it,” a source said.

Hudson recently admitted people are “gossiping” about her weight loss — but insisted she isn’t too skinny!

“Oh goodness, yes, people are gossiping,” she said.

“But trust me, I’m content right here. I don’t believe in the so-skinny look. There’s already so many more doors open for me. Why would I?

“My diet started four days after I had my baby. I didn’t expect to get as far as I have. It’s like, wow, this is a whole new world. People treat you completely differently. You get more attention.

“You get more clothes. You get on more magazine covers. You get more opportunities; you name it.”


  • norma

    I say to Jhud hold out as long as possible, because it is well worth the wait. I am soooooo happy Jennifer Hudson knows her value. The Industry have been trying to crunb snatch top black artist for far to long. Jennifer Hudson is an award winning actress as well as an artist. Now you do the math! This lady here is alot more worth than what she is really asking for. People have been mistaken her kindness for weakness. I have seen how the business pay less talented people more. The business only wants dirt are something trashy to sell. I say to Jennifer Hudson take your time and shop around. Yes, your worth is way more than a million dam dollors. Don’t ever let anyone tell you what your worth in life are.

  • http://showbizspy mimi

    surely there are other things to talk about in a book than weight loss. there are so many books out there talking about that. People are losing weight all the time. nothing special there. What will be special is how she managed to come out still smiling and doing what she does best after such tragedy. that is where the strength is. not many people can handle something like that but she has done so remarkly. I will buy a book like that in a heartbeat. She looks good though and she should keep up the good work she is doing

    • Cj

      Yes people are loosing weight all the time, but they are not Jennifer Hudson either. Now special is a word you don’t just throw around loosly. Maybe nothing special to you, but for Jhud it was major. This lady have changed the whole game. How she is coping with her family tragedy she will share at her own time. A matter of fact that is off limits and not for sale. The case have not even went to trial. There is no way I would even consider a book deal of that matter if I was Jhud under ten million. Blacks have been treated unfairly in the business for way too long.

  • Charles

    Jen Hudson family tragedy is not for sale(priceless). People need to be very careful on how they come at others. The case have not even went to court yet. How evil and mean spirited anyone can be. I am also happy she knows her worth in life. True to be told Jhud should be able to name her own amount. She is at the top of the game, and she did it all honest through hard work. The business only run with lies, trash, and underhand dealings.

  • John J.

    I must agree with Mimi that she should talk about how she has managed to stay strong through this tragedy. This book could be used as a self help book to help others who have encontered the same thing. This would be a wonderful read and the world has been awaiting for a long time. This will also be very therapeutic for her, she continues to address these issues in her music, why not do it in a book for final closure. If her sister Julia was asked she would do it in a heart beat, because she also appears to be forgotten as well.I am a huge Jennifer Hudson fan, but it is time to put this story to rest so the world can move on and leave you alone on this issue. I must say Jennifer this story will be worth more than a million. You and Julia should write the book together. The Titles could be “Tears Of A Family Tragedy” or “Courage”