Penelope Cruz Likes Being Made Ugly!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

PENELOPE Cruz asks to be made ugly in her movie roles.

The Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides actress — who has a five-month-old son, Leo, with husband Javier Bardem — insists she isn’t vain about her appearance and is happy to change her looks to suit her characters.

“I’m not scared to be ugly when I work — so I often ask for more mustache or black bags under my eyes,” she said.

The Spanish beauty also revealed she prefers to be asked to change her accent for her movie roles because she becomes less critical of herself and more open to experimenting with her characters.

“I love to spend hours with the dialogue coach because it creates a distance from myself. That way I don’t hear Penelope talking -– I don’t criticize myself so much and have more freedom to try things,” she said.

“My grandmother was very gypsy in her spirit and she taught me to love words, especially poetry and flamenco and music and drama.”


  • DD

    Is making her ugly even possible?

    • Shaun

      I’m gonna go with hell no for 500

  • jack

    The Spanish beauty? sure she is not beau. she has big nose and mouth.and I see her pic without make up(her eye). only she is very lucky.