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Prince William and Princess Catherine to Live in Princess Diana’s Old Home

Posted by Adam

PRINCE William and Princess Catherine are to move into Princess Diana‘s old home.

The British royals — who tied the knot at Westminster Abbey on April 29 — will embark upon married life in a “modest apartment” in London’s Kensington Palace, where William and his younger brother Prince Harry once lived with their late mother.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will split their time between the capital and their cottage in Anglesey, North Wales, where the 28-year-old prince carries out his duties as an RAF search-and-rescue pilot.

“They are really looking forward to moving in soon and having a base in the capital. Kate and William love the peace and quiet of Anglesey but they can’t just stay holed up there for the next two years,” a source said.

“The public want to see them, and it makes sense for them to have a base in the capital. They both love London have lots of friends there and it’s a good place for Kate to get stuck into thinking about what charities she wants to promote and other work she might take on.”

Until now, the pair had been living in the bachelor pad William formerly shared with Harry, 26, at Clarence House.

It is believed Kensington Palace will be the couple’s base for about a year until a more permanent residence is found.

“After looking at a few apartments the couple decided this is the one they feel most comfortable in,” the source added.

“Kate has enjoyed picking things out to decorate it and make it their home.”

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  • Ray

    Catchy headline, but her title is not Princess Catherine.

  • Elmo

    Technically it is.

  • Elmo

    You know… I think that they should stay in Kensington palace for life and use the cottage to GET THE HE’LL AWAY FROM THE FUCKING PAPARAZZI and all the other stress, you know? I think that is what they will do. Keep the cottage but stay where William probably feels closest to his mom most of the time.

  • Elmo

    I am trying to get the word out… In a seance a few months to a year ago, princess Diana’s ghost said that a prominent member of the royal family will die before the end of 2011. Spread the word and prepare the world! Anyone who reads this!!!

  • Elmo

    I HATE PRINCE CHARLES!!!! Maybe the prediction…

  • Elmo


  • Elmo

    I would rather rip off my balls, shove a pencil up my dick, and watch the Justin bieber never say never movie TWICE than have prince Charles be king!!! If I were the queen I would skip Charles and go straight to will if it were in my power…

  • http://showbizspy Ruby Redd

    Elmo, the technical and professional title is Catherine, Duchess of Cambridege. Get it right! She was not born into royalty. She only married into it.

    • Elmo

      Wait a minute… You read everything I said above you, and that’s all you have to say? Besides, she can also be called princess Catherine.

  • Elmo

    Didn’t consider that… Maybe when prince Charles becomes king, if he does, then maybe Kate will move up a title and become princess then? I say that because Diana married into royalty they made her title princess.

  • Elmo

    Or maybe not because when Camilla married charles they made her duchess of Cornwall so that DI could be known as princess of wales after death…just pointing out the possibilities. And besides, lots of people call Kate princess Catherine, title or not!

  • Elmo

    As for ray, how is the headline catchy?

  • Elmo

    Scratch that, I think I get it…

  • Elmo

    I just got inspired to leave this comment by a poem I just read about princess Di. Well here goes… Anyone who disrespected, harassed, or chased princess Diana and also therefore contributed to her death, like crazed fans, paparazzi,Camilla,prince Philip,and maybe prince Charles, GO FUCK YOURSELF!!!

  • Katherine

    So please that Kensington Palace will be the home of Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, you can visit Kensington Palace so you might even see the Royal couple, wow.

  • Elmo

    I agree.

  • Elmo

    Hey, who thinks “celebrate independence day” is an oxymoron? I do. Let’s face it: we’d be having a lot more fun if we’d stayed with England, which is awesome!

  • marlio

    don’t worry kate, the sickness wont last forever, hopefully. Cokes always seemed to calm dowm my sickness but everyone is different.