Britney Spears Keen to Work With Lady GaGa

Monday, June 6, 2011

BRITNEY Spears wants to work with Lady GaGa — but she’s not getting her way.

Sources close to Britney say the controversial pop princess has become obsessed with GaGa, who before fame, wrote three songs for her.

“Britney is desperate to work with her again. She is very aware of that GaGa is a big threat to her in terms of her longevity in music,” reveals one insider.

“She’s fascinated with her and blown away by her music. So far there has been no indication that a collaboration will ever happen.

“Britney feels like with artists like GaGa and Katy Perry, her days in pop are coming to an end.”



  • Mike

    Well… i should expect some angry fan wars to be roused up again from these quotes. -_-
    Although i think a collab with them would be really cool but they both just put out albums and it would have to be held off for a while then. It would probably go on Britney’s album. idk :)

  • Luis

    Highly doubtful. Britney has been around for a while and she is still having success with her music and albums. Although a collaboration would simmer down rival moods, I doubt she is “desperate” to work with gaga. Besides Britney Spears is POP music and she has no need to rely on the “big” thing right now. Pop music continually changes and many “it” girls have come into the scene, but Britney still holds her own. Just proof she has nothing to fear and this so called quote is Bullshit.

  • jeff

    I agree. Britney is still here making #1S 13 yrs after her arrival. She will be around 4 a while. It would b a cool collaboration but I think they both do fine on their own.

  • Damien

    This is so fake, Britney has been around for ten years more than Gaga and she’s still getting number 1′s without her. Stop spreading lies, Britneys reputation has already gotten so bad with fake articles like this one.

  • Frank

    LMFAO. You guys are total fucking morons. This is the most ridiculous and absurd “article” you big turds have posted in a good while.

    Britney’s been in the business 10+ years longer than it. Katy Perry? WTF kind of competition is she to anyone? Really?

  • CAFE456


  • Kamila Sotero


  • Catherine

    lol! so blatantly untrue. britney isn’t exactly the desperate type with all the success she’s had lately (and by lately i mean the last 12 years).

    the quality of your news continues its dismal spiral downwards.

  • Marcos

    wtf?? britney has been around for 13 years and troughout all these years she has remained musically relavant with consistent and popular hits, bitch is not desperate, altough I think it’d be cool a colab.

  • Christian

    Complete BS!!!! Britney is NOT desperate to work with Gaga. But they have worked together in the past while completing the “Circus” album. So this story is BS!!!!

  • nick

    Yea right, britney is not desperate. If she was then she would be promoting her ass of like Lady Gaga. Britney gets an equal opportunity of normal life with her kids whilst doing little promo and concerts.

    I swear this article is written by a GAGA stan. The only ones desperate are GAGA fans trying so hard to snatch the “Queen of Pop” title for GAGA. ANd GAGA herself is desperate with her 99cents offer on amazon trying to get really high first week sales.

  • Jayla

    This sounds like a made up article. When the other girls are here for more then 4 albums I will believe it. So far only Rihanna has been able to stay relevant for longer than most. I like the other pop stars, but i’m already not interested in Gaga, and Katy Perry is only on her second album. We’ll see how long they last.

  • Jonathan

    Lol!!!! this is the funniest joke i have heard today, I mean are you kidding Britney doesnt need to work with Lady Gaga anytime soon, the only desperate people here are those little monsters with her mother trying to make the “it” girl become the queen, which wont happen anytime soon, if she still here after 10 years then maybe we can talk. But for now Britney is still the queen after 13 years.

  • alex

    this is Bull$hit!We want femme fatale tour at greece!She has thousand of fans here!!!

  • Rolfe

    I’d like to see your sources. This seems like complete bull.

  • Pedro M

    -.-’ really?! you are just stupid. The only way I see this being possible is if gaga is the one trying to work with brit cuz BRITNEY BITCH IS THE QUEEN and she’ll always be the biggest musical success of all times (together with MJ).
    Present me your sources, then I’ll consider not to consider you complete morons.

    PS: this is probably some little monster thing…

  • Sheila

    This is NONSENSE!!!!!Britney still get #1 album and hits even there are lots of new talented artist!!so shut the fog up..

  • ChrisBritSlo

    excuse me? Britney has gone through so much phases in her career and even at the most dark one, she wasnt actin desperate and after another no.1 single, no.1 album, no.3 single, sold out world tour, she doesnt have any reasons to act desperate. if somethin than gaga would like to work with Brit again. correct yourself and apologise!

  • BritJayz

    This is so fake. If anyone is desperate, it’s Gaga, selling her album for 99 cents just to get a million sales in its 1st week! Brit’s Oops I Did It Again sold more than Born This Way without getting way too cheap. and her days in pop music are still going strong, if not better, nowadays…this is pathetic…

  • panagiotis Dokos

    this is so fake
    britney spears is undeniably the queen of pop selling 100 million albums worldwile
    lady gaga who is she
    shame on you to publish such a ridiculous article on your site apologise now for this shit!