Eva Mendes Gets Restraining Order Against Stalker

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

EVA Mendes has been granted a restraining order against her alleged stalker.

The actress claims she has been living in “constant fear” of John C. Luna, who she says has been harassing her since 2008 and even turned up at her Los Angeles home in May.

Eva told a judge in court papers Luna believes he is in a relationship with her and has sent her “creepy” letters, cards and nine hours of “bizarre” audio messages.

In her legal papers, she states, “As a result of Mr. Luna’s conduct directed at me … including references in a letter that he knows I am willing to die for him, and his showing up at my house on May 31, 2011, looking for me, I am in constant fear.

“I do not personally know, nor have any relationship with Mr. Luna, have never had any personal communications with him, nor do I desire any interaction or communication with him whatsoever.”

A judge has now ordered that Luna must stay at least 100 yards away from Eva and must not make any attempts to contact her.

Eva also wants him to pay her $8,550 legal bills and a further hearing has been set for June 20.


  • Aruba Girl

    Geez, they got more crazy a-holes outside the mental ward than inside, Madonna had stalkers, Joss Stone had stalkers, why can’t these people realise actors, actresses and so forth are human like them too?
    Leave Eva alone you creep, she’s human too and doesn’t need this harassment.
    Even Lindsay Lohan was being stalked and this bs is getting worse even the paparazzi are stalkers and almost got Tori Spelling killed a few days ago, the U.S should make stricter rules against stalkers and the paparazzi before someone gets hurt or killed.