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Prince William and Kate Middleton to Hire Housekeeper

Posted by Adam

PRINCE William and Kate Middleton are looking to hire a housekeeper to help them take care of their home.

The house keeper will also have to act as a dresser — ensuring the couple’s clothing is washed, ironed and ready to wear, Us Weekly magazine.

“It’s a combined position,” a source said.

“The staff member will not be involved in choosing any clothes for Kate; it’s simply ironing, cleaning and keeping in order.

“The housekeeper will help with errands and keeping the apartment in order.”

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  • Courtney

    Wouldn’t mind being their housekeeper…

    • Elmo

      Me neither…

  • Petra

    she seems a very nice person. she’s the diana of our time :)

  • Elmo

    And this is news…why?

  • Elmo

    I mean, the’re royals! Do you think they will Take time to clean their own house when William has to fuck Kate constantly so she gets pregnant within the next 6 and a half months or violate 200 years of British tradition? And again, they are ROYALS! Snobs or not,(and they are not snobs) do you seriously think they will do their own housework!

  • Elmo

    I agree with Petra. May Diana rest in peace.

  • fuckoffwhores

    Fuck these Royal cock sucking motherfuckers. Go get a real job you useless pieces of shit! Fuck you kate you dirty little Jewish Cunt. I hope you rot in Hell with that Bald headed Bastard. Kiss my ass!

  • Elmo

    Don’t you realize they’re carrying on di’s legacy?

  • http://- kit

    eeehmmm…why does people like to blame anyone’s life ? My God…..