Katie Holmes to Play Teacher on Glee?

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Monday, June 13, 2011

KATIE Holmes is reportedly set to appear on Glee.

Sources say producers want the brunette beauty — who’s married to Tom Cruise — to play the younger and sexier sister of doe-eyed teacher Emma Pilsbury and are trying to sign her up for season three of the hit show.

“Katie is a fan of the show and has made it no secret that she loves watching the musical numbers with Suri,” dished one insider.

“Bosses are hoping that this coupled with the fact she is good friends with Dianna Agron [Quinn] that she will be persuaded to come on board.

“They want her character to make a bee-line for Mr Schue and his affections. She has already shown she can sing and dance on the Broadway stage so Glee would be easy for her and they already have a couple of numbers lined up for her to sing that would show off her sexier side. Everyone is really excited about it.”

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  • Cherry

    Please, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Stop the lame-o celeb spots! Next we’ll be having Scabby Allen trotted out do a Kylie Minogue tribute episode, at which point I WILL punch the screen

  • May

    SEXIER??? She’s definitely not! And another woman who’s after Mr. Schue? Is he the only man left in the world? Please stop already! LOL