Kate Middleton Has Meltdown?

Thursday, June 16, 2011

KATE Middleton is struggling!

According to a shocking report from American tabloid Globe, the royal bride “exploded in a stunning meltdown” — just weeks after her extravagant wedding to Britain’s Prince William.

“Palace insiders fear the pressures of being a royal are already getting to Kate and she’ll end up snapping like William’s mom, Princess Diana,” a source said.


  • Vi

    Diana didn’t snap. She found out that her husbands mistress chose her to be his bride while they continued their affair as she was the perfect ‘nice but dim’ aristocratic virgin. Then her husband became jealous of all the attention she got as she became a style con and humanitarian.

    • Debbie

      That is NOT true. Check your facts. They were happily married, until BOTH of them decided to have affairs. It’s irrelevant which one of them cheated first. They BOTH did!

      • lulu

        As a matter of fact, on the eve of Charles and Di’s wedding, a blonde was seen getting on to the royal train, and it eventuated it was Camilla, not Di. Diana had married for love but Charles married because it was time. Charles continued his love affair with Camilla throughout his marriage, which caused Di to develop an eating disorder.

    • LORRIE

      “Debbie” is 100% wrong—needs to go read up. Charles ruined the marriage by never letting go of horse-face camilla.

      • fariborz

        bingo too right

  • Elmo

    LISTEN DEBBIE!!! As a matter of fact it IS relevant who cheated first!!!! Charles was putting Di through hell! When Di found out Charles was cheating she decided to get divorced but waited a few years, probably for the sake of her children. Eventually she needed relief so she had a relationship with this military guy to find relaxation. I don’t remember his name but that’s not important! Then the relationship ended and Di got divorced. Charles was out of her life and she had dodi fayed, but her
    Life ultimately went downhill until she was killed by the paparazzi in a car so called accident. So it does matter. If you still do not agree then I hope someone exchanges your shit for sense. By which I mean, they pound the sense into you-and the shit out of you!!! GWAHAHAHA!!!

  • http://showbizspy.com Patty Fitz

    More bull shit but I really hope he doesn’t turn out to be like his scum bag father. Lady Di was a true Lady and too good for that maggot any ways.

    • Elmo

      I agree with you patty. Will and Harry seem very much like their mother. I hope prince charles dies before the queen.

  • Elmo


  • Elmo

    AND VI!!!

  • kittywitty

    I didn’t personally like Diana or Charles….but I think that William will turn out very well as his marriage will. He is a decent man, and his wife is a decent lady, who doesn’t worry about appearances. God bless them both.

  • Elmo

    Oh… I remember the name of the “military guy”. He was colonel James Hewitt.