Christina Aguilera Behaving Like an Idiot on The Voice!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

CHRISTINA Aguilera has been misbehaving!

Sources say the the 30- year-old pop diva behaved like a spoiled brat he most recent taping of reality competition show, The Voice.

“Christina didn’t wave or say hi to the audience. She came out three minutes before the show started and appeared to be in a horrible mood,” a source said.

“She didn’t crack a smile until Cee Lo Green reached out to high-five her. During commercial break, she had about six people working on her all dressed in black and red ‘Team Xtina’ shirts, and one person had a bottle of water with a straw she held as Christina sipped.

“Later, Christina threw her Louboutins on her desk and ran out holding her bladder. Someone ran out to get her shoes in a tizzy and the judges all looked at each other trying to figure out where she went.”


  • Aruba Girl

    Time this idiot got fired.
    Christina, go check yourself into a nice quiet resort somewhere, take a look in the mirror and realise how terrible your behavior is in the public, you’re making yourself look like a fool infront of the whole world, not exactly good even for your career, whatever is left of it.
    Second, dump that jerk you’re seeing because he’s bringing you down more to his loser level, it’s time you took responsibility and became a better mother to your son, he needs you even more now since divorcing Jordan.
    Stop being an idiot and grow up. You’re not a kid anymore so shape up or get off the stage.

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  • Patty Fitz

    Loser! I think she’s in competition with Lohan.

  • Andy

    Dear Mother of All that is Pure and Sacred,

    Please help Christina. She is beyond inflated in her mind. Her shallowness and stupidity has been exponentially magnified on “The Voice”. I cringe every time she opens her mouth. Hopefully, dear Mother, you can erase the years of pollution that has occured. It would be really nice to see her become a human again instead of the cartoon character freak of which she has become.


  • Faye

    You idiots, this is a fake story it has been comfirmed that none of this stuff is true and there are loads of people on the show that have said she is lovely and sweet including the contestants, judges, and producers, you people believe anything.

  • Elmo

    I agree. This story is obviously fake.