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Leonardo DiCaprio and Blake Lively on The Rocks?

Posted by Adam

LEONARDO DiCaprio‘s romance with Blake Lively is already on the rocks.

Sources say the couple have come to blows because Blake doesn’t like Leo’s wild ways.

“Leo is back in the States, and he’s going to go back to his old habits,” a source told America’s In Touch Weekly magazine.

According to the publication, Leo’s habits include late nights out hitting clubs and parties.

“Blake doesn’t like to go out,” the insider says. “She’s never been into the party scene. She doesn’t like going out, dancing and loud music. She’d rather stay home.

“Blake can get really insecure out in public. It’s one of the main reasons she hates going out. Leo, on the other hand, loves to be out at night, and tends to hit clubs and parties almost every night.

“Blake and [her ex-boyfriend] Penn Badgely stayed in all the time. They watched movies and hung out in their pajamas all the time. Leo is definitely not going to be that guy.”

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  • jennyrose

    I see this girl everywhere. No way is she a homebody who hangs out in her pj’s watching movies all the time.

  • Kim

    She is a homebody?? Um she will show up at the opening of an envelope for attention. Im sure in person she looks even worse than in photos so she probably only goes out when very made up.

  • http://vogue7。us/ vogue7

    The advent of summer, more fashion choices, fast action!

  • ck

    Let’s see…”In Touch Weekly” as a source. Nice journalism there lol.

    A twitpic TODAY of Leo/Blake in Carmel

    Get crackin on making up a story for tomorrow. Go!

  • jj

    ck, that’s why they’re called totally out of touch

    • @ck

      and it never crosses ur minds that it could be an old pic uploaded on a later date.

      • @@ck

        Sure it occurred. It also occurred that it could have been made up. But the whole point of tweeting is providing current info. The person doesn’t seem to have any reason to make it up. There have been other sightings in Carmel. And a trip to northern Cal would have been hard to squeeze in at any other time given their schedules and the fact they haven’t been together that long.

  • Mick

    As much as I love Blake even if this is true it never would have worked. Leo left Bar because he didn’t want to settle down and talk marriage. Blake and Penn broke up because he didn’t want to settle down and talk marriage. Blake has said she wants lots of babies and to be married.