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Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles to Split?

Posted by Adam

PRINCE Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles are set to split — according to a bombshell new report.

America’s Globe magazine says the royal couple’s marriage “has collapsed” and they’ve decided to go their separate ways after a recent, dramatic bust-up.

“They’re always bickering,” a source said.

Globe also claims the couple’s divorce will see $300m division of assets.

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  • marilyn

    Ohh My Gosh! After he fooled around with her for years..even when married to Diana! I do not see how The British people would stand for having his Mistress for a Princess…Both of them probably had a hand in killing Diana..I always felt she was set up to be killed..

    • Elmo

      I agree.

    • Elmo

      I also think that Diana’s death was planned. The paparazzi(who are assholes), as responsible as they are, were only a piece of the plan by the royal family to kill her. Rest in peace Di, and may you come back to haunt Camilla. Also check out the rest of the comments below!

    • http://AOL Julia

      I’m not sure about Camilla…she’s an adultress and a home wrecker without moral scruples…but I’m not sure she had a hand in Diana’s death. However, I am quite, quite certain that Charles did.

  • Patty Fitz

    It looks like he can’t get along with any woman and he’s an ass hole.

    • Elmo


  • ioana

    camila is verry ugly….diana was a princess…

  • Aruba Girl

    About time they got divorced, let horse face go crawl in a cave or hole somewhere, no one will ever like her, she’s uglier than ugly, Charles was an idiot for marrying such an old hag.

  • Elmo

    Yay! Maybe now I can harass Camilla when I go 2 UK and not be mauled by royal guards!

  • Elmo

    A wild Camilla appeared!
    Diana sent out BOWSER!
    BOWSER used flamethrower!
    the wild Camilla fainted!

    • Elmo

      The only royal familial will ever be is a royal pain in the ass LOL

      • Elmo

        Where I said familial I meant Camilla.

    • Elmo

      Oh… For anyone who does not get that it is a pokemon reference.

  • Sonia

    That would be grand if they split! The cat’s meow! MANY of us here in the States would cheer!

  • Elmo

    I agree. Camilla does not deserve to be a part of the royal family,even if she’s already not going to be queen. After Diana left the royals they stripped her of her title and her being called your highness. If they could do that to Diana then they should have no problem doing it to Camilla. Unfortunately for the royals, everyone still loved princess Diana and respected her so mouch that they continued to use those terms right up until her death in 1997. I was a two month old fetus still developing inside mom’s womb at the time. She died two months before I was born. TWO MONTHS! Going back on topic, the reason you don’t hear everyone saying “princess Camilla”(thank god) is that after she got married they gave her the tiltle duchess of Cornwall so that even in death Diana could retain the status of princess of wales, at least until someone worthy of the title came along. Take beloved Catherine Middleton for example. If by some chance the majority of the planet( myself included) is mistaken and chuck an cammy do become the king

  • Elmo

    (continued from above) and queen then Kate will get the title princess of wales because she will move up a status into the direct hier to the throne and she actually deserves the title. Going back to Camilla, no one respects her on the other hand and therefore will not use the titles for her or call her your highness. I hope the paparazzi will hound the he’ll out of that bitch like they did princess Di. Other than the Osama bin laden death photos this will be the only time I will be rooting for the paparazzi. The reason I am holding on to the faint hope that they may is that once word of the divorce gets out, she will be back in the spotlight. I think I am running out of room for more text.

  • Elmo

    Wrapping this spiel up, Camilla is a whore, as you fellow commenters have used that word a lot. She deserves nothing but the worst quality of life and I have the feeling that’s exactly what she will get when this divorce is final and she exhausts her money. I’m going to see if I can convince one of my friends to attempt to rick roll her funeral once she dies. Then I will make an attempt to pee on her grave. I hope this comment speech gets replys out of at least some of you readers, as this may cost me replies to some of my other comments. I also hope this has knocked some sense into some of the few Di haters who remain. Please reply to this and say your thoughts. Thank you for reading.

  • bos bevert

    I just think you are all very unfair to Camilla. What! Did you not see the victory of love over fierce opposition? Camilla has been beaten, molested and really brushed down by you all but take my words, Camilla and Charles (C&C) are very much together. Have you not realised that the love between the two is strong and genuine. This is the type of love that is enduring. The separation talk is an unfounded speculation. I am happy that Charles tutored his son not to make the type of very expensive mistake he made. At times I wonder if the issue with the princess was Charles or Camilla. I have taken time to read about Diana’s mother who was in third or fourth marriage before her death. Same was the case with Diana’s brother who is married to his third wife. Please I beg you all to know that there are some forces beyond your comprehension that may be reponsible for the Princess’ fate. I admire Camilla for her very unusual and unassuming calm in the face of stiff critism. She is a very strong woman with extraordinary inner strength. Please let the Duchess of Cornwall be.

    • @ all you fucked up assholes

      fuck you….

    • http://AOL Julia

      Charles and Camilla’s marriage is rooted in over thirty years of adultry and deceit, without regard for their respective spouses, or the young children involved who were terribly embarrassed, bewildered, and hurt. They deserve the scorn they’re receiving, and I hope they are just as happy as they deserve to be. From what I’m hearing — they are. I have no sympathy for either of them and I hope Queen Elizabeth figures out a way to bypass Charlie the Tampax and pass the crown to William.

  • Content

    A young Diana was chosen because the royal family wanted someone they could mold into what they wanted her to be. She was too young to realize what she was getting herself into; however, rightly or wrongly, as she matured she tried to use her position to her best advantage. Bottom line, Diana was a good mother. She did a heck of a lot better at parenting than her in-laws did with their offspring.

    Both Charles & Diana made a lot of poor choices. Still the choices were their’s alone to make.

    Camilla is Charles’ choice for a wife. Again his choice alone to make.

    Get over it world.

    • @ all you fucked up assholes

      And fuck you…

      • Elmo

        okay, fine, fine! I agree with your top half, but screw you still for the bottom. Seriously, just get it through your head charles and camilla are assholes, and how dare you insult Diana. Go to hell.

  • ‘Ann

    Charles wanted to marry Camilla 10 years before he met Diana. His mother forbade him to marry her. That did not stop them from carrying on, even when Diana was chosen (and I’m not sure it was by Charles), I’m sure verified she was a virgin (gag), groomed, pushed, prodded, imtimidated and unloved by the royal family, including her husband. I believe this was an arranged marriage for everyone except Diana, who was too young and naive and idealistic to know she was chosen to produce heirs without scandal. It is said they even slept in separate beds on their honeymood night. One wonders if Charles slept alone. Poor Diana, and what a beginning to continual heartbreak and abandonment. Charles should have married Camilla when she was single years before, and stood up to his mother. She would not have taken the throne away from him, she just would have been mad for a long time. Diana deserved to be someone’s princess, but an adored one, by the world and by some Prince husband, perhaps from another country. England is not the only country with royalty. Camilla personally disgusts me, but so does Charles, and they were and are a match for each other. Diana was a rare flower or butterfly or bird. He just wanted a plain old chicken. He has pot roast tastes, and may he never rule. And it’s really quite time reigning Queen Elizabeth get out of the way and somehow skip Charles (I really don’t care how) and give it to Wills and Kate.

    • Elmo

      … And you’re reasonable! Go you for standing up to those #11 and #12 assholes!

  • love

    They are going through what every couple goes through.
    Nothing to worry about. Charles needs a good advisor to rekinkle his marriage. I wish I knew them , as it is beautiful to see two people who waited so long to get married.

  • meme

    ‘Love’ you do realize that Camilla was never Charles only Mistress, he had at least one other, for most of the time Camilla was his mistess, so its hardly the ‘star crossed lovers’ ‘true love’ spin that its now had put on it.
    Charles felt no need to be faithful to Camilla any more than he did to his wife, as he cheated on her with his wife, and his other Mistress.. ahh and they say romance is dead…