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Beyonce Scared of Lonely Ladies

Posted by Adam

BEYONCE is “afraid of women who don’t have friends”.

The Run the World (Girls) singer is an advocate of female empowerment and doesn’t understand women who are not the same.

“When women don’t have friends, I’m afraid of them,” she said. “I grew up around women, I believe that we can teach each other so much. I’m always thinking about how unselfish we are and the things we need to hear and how much pressure there is being a woman.

“I try to write songs that will bring out the best in all of us and keep us close together. Put a ring on it? That’s a nice little way to hint something without being the psycho that’s like Marry Me. Sometimes we gain, five, 10 pounds, sometimes more. Whatever. Sometimes you just have to embrace it and find the beauty in it. So Bootylicious.”

While Beyonce, 29, is hugely successful today she believes she had to work “probably harder than any artist” to get where she is now.

“I had to grind it out, probably more than any artist I know,” she said. “On the road with Destiny’s Child we went everywhere by coach. We were sharing rooms and fighting over phones, even with multiple number one singles. We worked so hard. Sixteen hour days. Everything that I’ve done, I’ve worked so hard for, until my toes are bleeding.”


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  • TwigSweetA

    B seriously help me to understand the fake hair thing because i seriously don’t get it =) I really think the music industry demands much more from the artist than it gives back because people just take and take and keep on taking. Glad you love it though. Thank you for all your songs <3 Twiggy

  • Janie Lapka

    I agree with you Beyonce. My female friends have supported me throughout my life but I’ve especially appreciated them the many years of being single. Men would come and go but my girlfriends were still there for me. We could relate to each other’s heartaches, fears, joys, etc. I’m not sure what you mean by being scared of women who don’t have friends though? Can you elaborate please? Thanks!

  • TwigSweetA

    B come by my website and listen to my views on Casey Anthony and my new launch, Pussy Pirates versus Pussy Police. Lezzies (YP) are very creative and we need peace and quiet to create world shattering events like you do ~ <3

  • RickStar

    Beyonce scared of single ladys with no friends ? weird .. she should be thinking about all the single men who bought her doll >>