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Kristen Wiig Not Bothered About Hangover Comparisons

Posted by Adam

KRISTEN Wiig loves it when her brilliant new movie, Bridesmaids, is compared to The Hangover.

The Hollywood funnywoman — who wrote and stars in the ensemble comedy — admits there are some similarities between the two films but thinks people who watch Bridesmaids will realize they are also extremely different, despite both being set in the run up to a wedding.

“A lot of people who have seen the movie don’t see the comparison with The Hangover so much. I totally get the comparison, it’s an ensemble comedy, it takes place before a wedding so it’s definitely a compliment to be compared,” she said.

“However, we didn’t want to reference any other movie so we didn’t watch anything similar when we were writing it.”

Kristen recently admitted she had to buy a screenwriting guide before penning Bridesmaids.

“I said yes to Judd really quickly then hung up and completely freaked out,” she said. “But he was cool about it, he just said, ‘Pitch me some ideas and we’ll figure it out.’

“So I flew out from New York to Annie [Mumolo] in Los Angeles and we wrote the script in six days.

“We didn’t know what we were doing, we bought a screenwriting book, a guide to how to do it, like Screenwriting 101.

“We didn’t know how to write stage directions or anything so we were, ‘ Oh put “Cut to…” there.’ We put “Cut to” on everything actually.”