Jonathan Rhys Meyers Tried to Kill Himself

Thursday, June 30, 2011

JONATHAN Rhys Meyers was hospitalized after a suspected suicide attempt on Tuesday.

The Tudors star — who has been in rehab five times for alcohol problems — refused treatment by paramedics for more than 30 minutes, meaning they were forced to call police and he was eventually taken away by ambulance to a facility near his home in Maida Vale, north London.

“This is very sad. It was the opinion of those present that he tried to take his life,” a source said.

Worried neighbors saw the 33-year-old actor — who was believed to have overdosed on unspecified pills — rushed to hospital.

“I saw the ambulance arriving and was worried to death,” an onlooker said.

“Jonathan is a lovely guy. You see him all the time in the street. He says hello and is very pleasant. I hope he is fine.”

The Velvet Goldmine actor was discharged from hospital yesterday but would only answer “no comment” when questioned on whether he had tried to commit suicide.

A police spokesperson confirmed they had been asked to attend the incident.

“Officers were called by London Ambulance Service following reports of a man refusing treatment. The man was taken to hospital,” said one official.


  • alec mc nickle

    Get it together Jonathan , you are one of the most talented actors the industry has. Please get in with the people who love you and care to get you clean and sober good luck……

  • Sarah J

    I doubt that he’ll read this but… Jonathan, you mean so much to this world and there are many who still need you here. Suicide isn’t worth it and isn’t the answer. I will pray that you are able to get the help you need to make you happy and healthy. I’ve had my low points too but know that there is happiness still to be had in this life. You are still here for a reason. Wishing you all the best and many blessings.