Prince Harry’s Girlfriend in Love With Him

Friday, July 1, 2011

PRINCE Harry’s new girlfriend is “in love” with him.

Lingerie model Florence Brundell-Bruce, 25, has only recently started dating the third-in-line to the British throne but things are getting so serious she has already told pals Harry is ‘The One’.

Florence — who is known as Flee to her pals — gushed to a former school friend,“It was a bit of fun but it’s getting serious. I think I might be in love.”

“Flee’s already said she loves being Harry’s girl and she has fallen for him fast,” a source said.

Florence — who previously dated Formula 1 racing driver Jensen Button — and the party-loving prince have many friends in common and also share a “wild side”.

“She’s a party girl and Harry loves her wild side. Ibiza is one of her favorite holiday spots and she’s always in the Blue Marlin beach bar. She’s trying to get Harry to go,” said the source.

Harry, 26, reportedly wooed Florence with a cheeky pick up line based on polo practice, asking her “Fancy a spot of stick and balling with me?” The socialite replied with a flirty comment of her own, saying, “Well I do love redheads.”

The prince is said to have been further impressed when Florence wowed him with her party trick of drinking a shot while doing the splits.

Harry has been single since recently splitting from Chelsy Davy his on/off girlfriend of seven years.


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  • Eleanor

    Lingerie model? Give me a break, Harry does not feel serious about her.