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Lindsay Lohan Scared to Leave Her House?

Posted by Adam

LINDSAY Lohan has developed a new phobia.

The troubled actress — who recently completed house arrest — has told pals that she’s developed a fear of going out due to her confinement over violating a probation imposed for a 2007 DUI and drug case.

“Lindsay is free but only in some ways,” says a source close to the star.

“She’s developed a mistrust of people because of what she’s been through and often feels panic when out in public. She’ll do anything to avoid a crowd because she just can’t handle it. She may have to undergo therapy.”

Recent reports claimed Lohan spent her time writing scripts while under house arrest.

“Lindsay has been writing and developing a script based on her experience under house arrest,” a source said.

“It’s horror movie involving a girl in very much the same situation as her. She plans to finish the script and maybe star in and direct the movie herself. She’s very excited about it.”


  • Patty Fitz

    We’ve already seen the show, in the media, so why waste more time and money on the drama queen/trouble maker who screws everything up because she has no self control?

    • lindsaylohanfan243

      YA! But have you seen this LEAKED footage of Lindsay filming a video while on house arrest? She is so hot

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