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Owen Wilson Wants a Freebie From Disney

Posted by Adam

OWEN Wilson wants a lifetime pass to Disneyland — because he’s appeared in two Cars movies.

The comedy actor provides the voice of Lightning McQueen again in Cars 2 for Disney but is still waiting for a few perks from his employers.

“You would think you would get a Disneyland lifetime pass wouldn’t you? But no,” says Owen.

“It’s still not arrived but I would like to think were I ever to go to Disneyland and accidentally leave my wallet at home they would fix me up.”

Meanwhile, Owen has reportedly split from his girlfriend Jade Duell.

The 42-year-old actor — who has six-month-old son Robert Ford with Jade, who he has been with for a year-and-a-half — allegedly did not want to make a long-term commitment to her, forcing the couple to separate because she wasn’t “willing” to let the Zoolander star do “what he wanted”.

“Owen wanted the freedom to do what he wanted with his friends, both male and female, while remaining a family unit with Jade and the baby,” a source said.

“But Jade wasn’t willing to go along with that, so Owen decided to end things with her.”


  • Patty Fitz

    What a greedy fucking prick. I hope he doesn’t get the Freebie to Disney, ever.

  • http://Yahoo Angel

    And i second that! You can pay all day asshole!

  • Callie

    Why would he even NEED a free pass to Disneyland anyway when he just sent his baby mama (and baby) packing because he loves the pussy more than he loves being a full-time father to his new son?

    Maybe he wants to take his fake-boobed, star-f*cking tramps on the teacups instead?

    I agree with Angel – Owen Wilson is a total asshole!!

  • James Franco

    So he’s bisexual?!

  • lucretia light

    World class A$$HOLE!!!