Carey Mulligan Won’t Star in Musical

Saturday, July 2, 2011

CAREY Mulligan doesn’t plan to star in a musical.

The British actress says she’d consider any role offered to her except those requiring any sense of timing on the dance floor.

“Unless I am drunk I just find it the most awkward thing,” says Carey of her musical footwork. “If someone says’ Get up and dance’ I think I would rather die! Genuinely, it’s horrible.”

Carey recently admitted she thinks the free clothes she gets can be wasteful.

“If someone sends me a bag and it’s really expensive, I think, ‘You should give these things away, you should make some money’,” she said.

“I just gave most of my shoes to my brother’s girlfriend, she went crazy.

“I tend to hang on to really nice things, but what can you do with a dress you wore to the Oscars? It sits there. It’s a bit of a shame really.”