Mel Gibson to Bring Mad Max?

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

ACTOR Mel Gibson plans to resurrect his career by bringing back Mad Mex!

The 55-year old Lethal Weapon star is currently working behind the scenes on a fourth Mad Max movie but is being tempted with a role in the movie too.

Mad Max 4 was always intended to have a new, younger actor as the star by Mel is thinking of taking another role,” reveals a source close to the troubled star.

“He is working hard to put his life and career back on track and sees Mad Max as the perfect vehicle to do that. The role was his big break and the franchise could yet put him back on the map.”

Mel recently reached a divorce settlement with Robyn Moore after two years.


  • Esther Nash

    Mr. Gibson is a very good actor. Many of his characters are broad-minded people who try to love and be loved by all. But bringing back “Mad Max” might prove to be too much! Mr. Gibson’s real-life tirades have made many people mad at HIM! I really hope Mr. Gibson is seeking professional help for some of his more medieval attitudes.
    I hope he can reflect back on the attitudes of many of the characters he has played. I used to be a BIG Mel Gibson fan….and really would like to be able to do so again. Apologize and grow up…..PLEASE, Mr. Gibson!

    • Katie

      He has explained the reason for his actions, and he has apoligised.

      There has always been a plan for Mad Max 4. I just hope they fill it with some good Aussie talent, and perhaps someone that looks like a young Mel. Mad Max is a manly man, and the role shouldn’t be filled with a Skinny jean wearing pansie actor, so I hope they choose wisely. Looking forward to Mad Max 4 :)

  • fariborz

    just OK

  • Sweetheart


    This article is mislweading because Mel Gibson was offered to paly mad max 4, for years and was begged by the director to do so, also in 2009 where the director left the lead role open until hte last minute alos after having chosen someone else, just in case Mel will change hsi mind and come..
    here its about Mel directing it, and he has his reasons for that as Mel Gibson is a far much better director than the guy doing mad max and with much biger ressources.

    Mel do not need to “resurect his career” as his career nbever died nor stoped.

    He has been making movies non stop in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and now in 2011.

    2006: apocalypto

    2007: Apocalypto premiere, and motorbike gang movie wiht richard Donner as director (Lethal Weapon franchise) and a movie about a gay and his friend where mel paly the lead role and a gay., (YEP!!) bothj movies had to be sotped in 2008 because they were too much delayed by things around the movie unrelated to Mel Gibson.
    Mel Gibson buy Australian movie studio in sydney and extrend Icon offices to London, England, expanding his work.

    2008: Edge of Darkness shoted at boston and still one of the movie cited abopve shooting.
    Nov 2008: Mel Gibson buy a movie distribution company located in England wiht offices in australia fro thre distribution of all Icon’s movies aboard.
    August 15 2008: Mel Gibson buy a music records companyu with studios and expend the Icon Production to “Icon Records”

    2009: The Beaver from august to end of novemebr 2009, in paralel wiht a difficutl divorce.
    Novemebr 2009: Melr gibson has ot sell his movie distribution to russian billionaire blavatnik, firend ofg Warner Bros, who has been fighting agaisnt Mel Gibson since Mel made the passion of Cjhrist in 2003-2004.. and get relay pis-ssed off when mel streatrted int he movie distribution business, as its warner bros finacial corner stone..all about money. mle had to sell it as part of te divorce stllement,. so one migjht begin to think about conspiration,, fiancial quartel and the alike specialy when knowing that balvatnik and warner bros also bopught a record company recently.. copying mel gibsons finacial succes and who didnt wanted someone as known as mel gib son to tkae tha tpieceof the pie.. specialy with his public appeal.. so they destroyed his public appeal.. in the msot discusting way.

    2010: form december 2009 and janaury 2010, Mel Gibson is shooting in mexivco the movie “where i sspend my summer vacation, all while doing sevral interviews a day for 2 months to promote the relaease of Edge of Darkness, in USA and in Eurrope. His divorce continue, and while gong in france withthe terrorist oksana, and paying for her charity event, in LA, and finacing the flop of her CD, she is balcmaling him all through february to june 2010..
    during that time Mle giubson go to mexico in march 2010 to film “where i spedn my summer vacation”, break form the extortionist in april 14, has ot pay for her trip to russia in april 19 to 25, and to pay her all the time to can se the child. in May hse refse to sign a custody agreement who is in afacvt money fgrabig whore extortionist conteract, because it contian a condition that the child will be tested to determine fatherhood.. menaing a DNA test to show if Mel Gibson is the father and if not she will also have ot be tested and see if she is the mother.
    She walk form that agreement because of the DNA test as she is not the mother of lucia and mel is not the father of that child.
    Mel is stil makign tha tkvoie in mexico, and in june shoting that movie in Texas, when ioksa drop the case..
    In july 2010, in the middle of the case, Mle reshoot some scenes form the Beaver, and the release of the beaver for october 2010 has to be delayed until febraury at whihc date they expect the DA to have reached a conclusion.
    but the snetence first coem in march 2011, which dleay the relase of the beaver to April, but thre distribution studio, now owned by blavatnick, push it to may then june 2011 and at the last minute and without warning Mel Gibson not Jodie foster they only released the movie in 22 theaters! and less than 33 theaters at the end. No need ot say most peole couldnt even see it even they wanted to.

    Internal Sabotage.

    While in canne in MAy 2011, Mel Gibson was contacted by french directors and aciotgrs and american director to make a movie wiht them.
    He was also contacted several times ot make 3 major movies in the US.
    And to this adds the movies he is interested ot make himself and act in it.
    One of them being about the Viking.

    In 2010 and Mle told so in several interviews in janaury 2010, mel had a contract for a mnovie and was contacted agian in mapril and may 2010, who was a major movie a bit science fiction, where he was a spy, and intended to sterat shotin ghis drream movie about the Viking form septemebr 2010.
    so he palned to do where i spend my sumer vacation form januiary to june 2010, whihc he did, and then do the spy movie form june to septemebr and then the viking movie form spetember to dec 2010-january 2011.
    well the bomb falled on june 2010 and he was only able to wrap up the beavr and where i spedn my sumer vacation.
    (whos relese is for septemebr 2011)
    So no, Mle Gibosn never stoped to make movies and never stgoped to work.
    peole wirtiung kikeif he needs a come bakc need to get their infos straight.
    What the guy need is not a job but a breake!!
    He needs vacations!

    And i wanted to say to that super dumb esther nasjh:
    Mel gibson never mad any tirades.
    the cop never presented any proves and he was about to get fired for breaking the law thats why he arested mel gi son and wrote those fake decalration in his police report to off his superiors..
    as for the tapes they were tampered with and edited and were never taken as part of th ecase as they wwre declared fake from august 2010!!
    so get yur infos straight!
    and thats alos why the money vampire exotrtionist and child trafiking oksana had the tapes remove as well as all dv chareges nmeanign all her case wihtout being asked for it.
    it says it all.
    what is a mediaeval attirtude? to say you should just smile and blow me!! or were oyu thinking about soemthiung else??
    why should mel or anyother actor reflect on the attirtude of the caracters hbe played??
    are oyu right in the head?

    You are the one who need ot apologise to him and ot me, and the one in DEEP NEED TO GROPW UP!!
    Why shoudl mel Gibson apologise, to whom and about what???
    must the victim, Mel Gibson, appologise for being extroted???
    Jesus Christ!! this is the top of madness!!
    Apologise about waht+ bout nbeing recorded while having private conversTION AND GO TTHOS EBROADCASTED?
    crazy as oyu sound like we are glad to dont have to hear what oyu say when oyu get hysterivcal
    but dont worry you wil nevr get as amd as mel gibson because oyu wil never be as talented as he is ,m notr as generous as he is nor as rich as he is, and you wil never have to take care of so many people and bsunes as he is, and will never be subjected to such scam as he has been in the past and stil is.. and will never be betrialed by people oyu thought you could trust as he has been..
    ands because ypou are a woman nobody is going to pass a child for beign yorus when it is not, and as you have no money no rusian fgodliger will even be interested ot exotrt you!
    so dont judge when oyu rlife experiencve is zero and oyu have no idea of what oyu are tlaing about!

    fake arse,like you I make a dozen each time i fart.

  • Sweetheart



    AND IN “Mad Max 4 was always intended to have a new, younger actor as the star by Mel is thinking of taking another role,” YOU DONT SAY: “BY MEL” BUT “BUT MEL”.


  • Katie

    Holy Crap….that took me a while to read, it made me dizzy, but I did it.

    If it’s already shooting then the people that have been wanting to shoot it for years musn’t be the ones doing it, as there has been a certain cinemaphotographer in ‘talks’ about it for forever!

    And yes Oksana is a money vampire, she should be deported. Hopefully her poor children don’t take after her, what a nutbag.

  • michael

    We all make mistakes and he is a good actor one of the best ones… He has a break down as we all do and yet he pays for it big time when it should not even be that way.. We are all human we will make mistakes and more to many to count that is what makes us unique as humans… we live to learn I don’t recall having an instruction book when I came into the world or do I have one today…. So the movie industry needs to quit acting stupid and quit thinking they are to good when he has made them all millions if not billions of dollars…. I think mad max will be good for him and he does need to make a come back even if the ignorant stuck up ones do not care if he does or dont….. Hell Yea to the MAD MAX 4