Kate Middleton and Prince William ‘Visit Fertility Clinic’

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

KATE Middleton and Prince William set up a top-secret visit to a fertility clinic in Los Angeles during their triumphant north American tour.

According to Globe magazine, Kate and William — who tied the knot on April 29 — fear they won’t be able to produce an heir.

Reports in May claimed Kate’s new mother-in-law Camilla Parker-Bowles has been telling friends the royal bride can’t have children.

“Health complications from Kate‘s adolescence raised red flags that may have an impact on her ability to conceive,” said sources close to Camilla.

Both William, 28, and his father Prince Charles were born soon after their parents married, and the royal couple are under intense pressure to produce an heir soon.

“If Kate is not pregnant within the next nine months, she’ll be defying 200 years of British tradition,” said royal biographer Andrew Morton.



  • harry

    i wish them a happy marriage

  • ashley

    i wish them all the best as they start their new life and why cant people just leave them alone and let them live their life did anyone ever stop and think that maybe its all the stress of tryng to live up to the publics expectations that has made things difficult for them all from relationships to having babies what if they dont want to have a baby right now we dont live in the same world we did 200 years ago. all good things will come to those who wait till the time is right. wishing will, kate, and all the members of their extended family the best.

    • Elmo

      I agree.