Gwyneth Paltrow: ‘I’d Rather do Crack Than Eat Junk Food’

Thursday, July 7, 2011

GWYNETH Paltrow would rather “smoke crack” than eat unhealthy food.

The 38-year-old actress is well known for her unusual dietary habits, previously being on the extremely strict macrobiotic eating plan, and speaking at the Roundhouse Studios for the iTunes Festival on Tuesday, she revealed she was not a fan of tinned snacks.

“I’d rather smoke crack than eat cheese from a can,” she said.

The Iron Man star — who recently unveiled her first cook book My Father’s Daughter… — also revealed she wouldn’t take her kids to fast food restaurant McDonalds, but may find it difficult if they knew about the toys that come with some meals.

“I take them to Pizza Express because I think that’s much healthier. Don’t tell them there are toys!” said Gwyneth, who has two children with her Coldplay singer husband Chris Martin.

However, not all of her habits are so positive, and she admits drinking wine is a favourite past time of hers.

“I drink wine constantly while I’m cooking. Wine, either color,” she said.

Despite not being a fan of calorific treats from a can, Gwyneth has previously revealed she loves “well-made” cheese, and prefers it to chocolate.

“OK, it may not be the healthiest of indulgences, but cheese, really beautiful, well-made cheese, has to be one of the best things on the planet. Give me a slice of Camembert over chocolate cake any day,” she said.