Leonardo DiCaprio Keeps Dumping Blake Lively

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

LEONARDO DiCaprio‘s romance with Blake Lively is already on the rocks.

The Inception star who had countless break and make up moments with exes Giselle Bundchen and Bar Refaeli appears to be doing the same with his current squeeze.

“They’ve only been together a few weeks but Leo has already broken up with Blake twice only to get back with her days later,” says a source close to the actor.

“Leo doesn’t like to be tied down. He is nervous about commitment and this is just how he deals with it. Blake finds it very unsettling but she loves Leo and is doing her best to reassure him that she doesn’t want to take things too far too fast.”

Previous reports claimed the couple had come to blows because Blake doesn’t like Leo’s wild ways.

“Leo is back in the States, and he’s going to go back to his old habits,” a source told America’s In Touch Weekly magazine.

According to the publication, Leo’s habits include late nights out hitting clubs and parties.

“Blake doesn’t like to go out,” the insider says. “She’s never been into the party scene. She doesn’t like going out, dancing and loud music. She’d rather stay home.

“Blake can get really insecure out in public. It’s one of the main reasons she hates going out. Leo, on the other hand, loves to be out at night, and tends to hit clubs and parties almost every night.

“Blake and [her ex-boyfriend] Penn Badgely stayed in all the time. They watched movies and hung out in their pajamas all the time. Leo is definitely not going to be that guy.”



  • Ted

    Hes a women user thats all he wants from them,some day when he grows up he will wish he had one of these women around.Hopwfully thse women or others he will use in the future will smarten up and stay away from him..


      CHECK OUT BLAKE LIVELY’S NEW VIDEO http://youtu.be/H3sv7-rXsV0 Leo better hold on tight! She is smoking hot!!!

      • blakeismygirl

        Agreed- she ROCKS and is GORGEOUS! Hottest blonde out there right now!

    • Blake Butterface Lively

      Blake Lively is a gross nasty bitch she is a negative 4 on a scale of 1 to 10. She has the personality of asparagus and kind of smells like feta cheese. She is a no talent imbecile whos film BOMBED!!!! She gets her roles by blowing old men.

      • monster

        Thats bad describing Blake Lively like she is Crap. Been a fan of Gossip Girl and I kinda like Blake Lively a lot, such a sweet and conservative person. I wish she and Penn would get together than stick with Leonardo. she is still very young also.

  • Angie

    It smells like boulshit like bullshit.

  • http://showbizspy.com Patty Fitz

    This is old news. Find some thing new or at least interesting will you?

  • hahaha

    Anyone surprised? Leo is already tired of Fake Blake, his rebound? He needs to dump her fake and manly face for good!

  • http://www.zamtel.zm Beatrice Muwisha

    I wonder why she keeps taking him back?

  • Lily

    I don’t believe in that. They write gossip some day one thing and the other another thing and is pretty annoying.
    Why they don’t leave Blake e Leo’s relationship alone?

  • Cammie

    I wish he would just dump the fake,lying, famewhore Blake Lively…

  • ck

    I mean….does anyone believe a word of this? lol

  • http://fatgirlthininside.blogspot.com/ MJ

    Who knows what to believe! One article says he’s in love with her, another (like this one)says it’s on the rocks, some says it’s over. I think none of us will ever know the “real” Leonardo DiCaprio. Is he the womanizing pig the tabloid press makes him out to be, someone who is just a caricature of what a real man should be? Or is he capable of showing the woman he is with real commitment, respect, love and faithfulness?