Johnny Depp Wants Russell Brand For Next Pirates Movie?

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

JOHNNY Depp wants Russell Brand to star in the next Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

Movie insiders say the Brit comic is wanted to add a new element to the blockbuster franchise which looks set to run for another two movies at least.

“Johnny is a big fan of Russell’s and ultimately he has a big say in who he works with,” reports one Hollywood source.

“The idea is to give Jack a new sidekick — someone who will bring out a new side to the character. This will also be a massive opportunity for Russell and establish him among the Hollywood A-list.”

Depp has previously insisted he loves playing Captain Jack Sparrow in the smash hit movie franchise.

“They’ll wheel me in,” says Johnny on the possibility of being an old Jack.

“My dreads will get tangled in the wheels of my chair. With a character like Captain Jack, you feel like you could just continue. The possibilities are endless and limitless. There is any possibility of madness and absurdity that could commence, so you feel that, with this character, you’re never really done.”



  • Ella

    Oh I hope sooo much that Johnny will stop playing in Pirates. I hope to see him again in movies similar to Libertine or Astronaut, everyone seems to be so tired of Pirates, don’t you find?

    • Dill

      Not when the fourth has already made over a billion dollars.

  • Ella

    Chocolate was fantastic for instance…but Pirates…I don’t know, they seem to be dated…

    • Baba


  • Hannah

    I hate this idea so much, I was extremely excited when I heard there was a 5th movie, but now I’m just depressed. This idea sucks, he’s not right for the series at all!

  • Robert

    Not cool, not cool! Hate Brand with a pashion, don’t dare put him in this series.

  • Robert


  • Patty Fitz

    Brand is a weirdo but maybe with an actual movie script to follow instead of him spouting off about stupid shit and acting the fool, he maybe an interesting addition to the cast. Depp is not an idiot. If he believes it will work, I tend to believe his judgment.

  • Ella

    Oh do you remember Once upon a time in Mexico? … It was amazing!!! But with Pirates – It looks like everyone is now trying to squeeze out of Pirates as much money as possible…

    • Baba


  • Ella

    Brands’ Arthur was great by the way…

  • Patricia

    Please NO ! he’s revolting.

  • Hannah

    I agree completely with Patricia. EW!

  • Patrick

    Love the Pirates films and enjoy Depp’s movies, but if Brand joins up I’m done. Will someone confine that English “one-note” to his own country? I loathe him (cause ‘hate’ ain’t strong enough).

    • James

      no one cares what you think.

  • Nate

    Not familiar with RB, but just want to remind everyone that when POTC 1 was being cast, NOBODY (esp Disney, just ask JD) thought he would be good in the role of JS. The rest is history.

  • Ella

    Oh, I still remember Johnny in “Public Enemies”, this was awesome!!!…

  • zilla

    get him to the greek was hilarious – he’ll add some serious humor

  • Ella

    get him to the greek: oh yes, it was funny indeed.

  • Nikki

    Is this just a rumor? Because, it’s an awesome idea! Brand would be perfect for the Pirates ‘franchise’. It’s right up his alley, so to say. He’d look great alongside Johnny in Pirate garb! They’d be hysterical together. I stopped watching these movies long ago…boring…but I’d watch again if this were to happen. Russell would add the right flavor to make this ‘franchise’ interesting again.

    Wow, I hope it happens!

    Love Johnny Depp and adore Mr. Brand.