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George Clooney Doesn’t Have a New Girlfriend

Posted by Adam

GEORGE Clooney hasn’t moved on from girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis!

The actor — who recently announced his split from the Italian TV presenter — has lambasted rumors he plans to bring a “new girl” to the upcoming Venice Film Festival.

He says suggestions he is bringing a lady love to the prestigious movie event, which will be held between August 31 and September 10, are “a ridiculous lie”.

Recent reports claimed Clooney dumped Canalis because he was sick of her spotlight-seeking.

“On vacations, she’d spend forever in her room, primping in her bikini, then go strolling on the beach for photographers to snap pictures of her,” a source said.

“She was obsessed with the attention she got.

“George lost interest when she showed her true colors.”


  • silverscreen

    Hmm. Methinks skanknalis’s publicist may be releasing false statements again. George never cared before what the Italian press printed. I think skanknalis and her trashy publicist just want to paint George into a corner of not taking a new girl with him for VFF, so they are releasing false statements as him saying he’s not going to bring a new girl with him. The more I think about it, the more this quote does not sound like George:

    “The Italian press, from Corriere Della Sera to TGCOM, Ansa, NewNotizie, and even Vanity Fair are all running a story that quotes me as saying that I’m bringing a ‘new girl’ to the Venice film festival. I never made that statement and it’s not true. It was made up to sell tabloid magazines. It’s a ridiculous lie and should be corrected as publicly as it was originally written.”

    George wouldn’t bother researching and making a laundry list of Italian news sites, nor would he bother to say whether he intends to bring a date with him to VFF. It would serve skanknalis and her trashy publicist right if George does bring a date with him, although if he does, I hope it’s someone he truly wants with him and a decision made independently of what anyone else wants.

  • jilly

    As far as I remember he’s attended most of the events solo, except the past couple of years with the skanknalis. If he has a girl by the end of August, I promise he is not gone give a sh*t what skanky thinks or feels about it. That manly woman is already doing some other guy, isn’t she?


    George, you need a not famous girl with a nice reputation and other strategic elements :)

  • Ella

    Even if he has a girlfriend he does not have to show her to the public. I suppose he decided enough is enough with these fame-seeking women.

  • silverscreen

    A very interesting and enlightening comment on JustJared. It seems that the disputed interview, supposedly originally published in La Repubblica, doesn’t even exist. I also tried to find the disputed interview on La Repubblica’s website but couldn’t find it. It seems that the disputed interview was fabricated so that skanknalis and her trashy associates could issue a false statement as George saying that he never said he was going to bring a new girl to the VFF.

    M.B. @ 07/16/2011 at 4:31 am # 723
    I live in Italy and you are on target with your theory that Berlusconi’s media empire is somehow involved with Canalis. The reported interview in the newspaper ‘Repubblica’ doesn’t exist as far as I can see. This questionable interview was reported by the Berlusconi media. La Repubblica ( a reputable newspaper) is not a tabloid. It is owned by one of Berlusconi’s rivals (De Benedetti). De Benedetti just won a major lawsuit against Berlusconi who bribed a judge in his favor many years ago. To make a long story short, La Repubblica didn’t publish any interview regarding Clooney and his plans to bring a new girl to the VFF. It all sounds like a big media scam on the part of the Berlusconi media and marketing team. Lets not forget that Canalis is linked to Berlusconi’s empire…probably contractual for an exchange of information. Berlusconi is known for his control of the media in Italy and disinforming the public about current events.