Brooke Mueller Loses Passport

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

BROOKE Mueller can’t enter a Mexican rehab facility — because she has lost her passport.

The reality TV star — who has twin sons Bob and Max, two, with ex-husband Charlie Sheen — had reportedly been planning to undergo an “extreme” seven-day treatment course at a facility in Cancun, which specialises in giving patients Ibogaine, a drug that re-programmes the brain to cure addictions, but has been forced to put her plans on hold while she obtains the necessary paperwork.

“Brooke made it to the gate with her doctor, who was going to accompany her, but the airline staff wouldn’t let her board the plane. Brooke is going to get an emergency passport on Wednesday, and hopes to leave for Mexico as soon as she gets the new one,” a source said.

In some studies Ibogaine — which is made from extracts from the iboga plant — has been shown to interrupt addictions to alcohol, cocaine, methadone and heroin. It is not legal in the US.

Brooke — who has endured a long battle with drug and alcohol abuse — recently completed a 45-day treatment programme at an unnamed facility.