Amy Winehouse: Cause of Death a Heroin Overdose, Report Says

Monday, July 25, 2011

TROUBLED Amy Winehouse died after a 36-hour whisky, cocaine and heroin bender, according to a tabloid report.

The singer, 27, died this past Saturday.

Britain’s Daily Mirror says that on the day she died, Amy had a furious row with boyfriend Reg Traviss, 34, when he caught her phoning jailed ex-husband, Blake Fielder-Civil.

The row, sources say, left Amy no longer caring whether she lived or died.

“Reg found out Amy and Blake had been chatting and got upset. The pair had a fight and Reg walked out. She had been drinking more and more whisky – before her disastrous Serbian gig she had shared nine bottles of Jack Daniels – and then basically decided to play Russian roulette with her life.

“She was upstairs injecting heroin on a self-destruct mission.

“The fear is she deliberately took more than usual because she was past the point of caring whether she lived or died. Amy never wanted to die in obscurity, to die having never made a record as good as Back To Black. It was almost as if she wanted to die young, to leave a legacy, and to be remembered for her music and her voice. Sadly, she was all too aware of the 27 Club and was never scared to join it.”

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  • Sarah

    This is the most disrespectful article I have read about this. How awful.

    • Raznov

      May be done in a disrespectful manner, but I believe is true

      • Antonio

        Well this is not the article of those kids in Norway im sure everyone who posted in this article is informed about the kids in norway and sad about it!

  • GtheMan

    Go and tell the families of those underaged kids who were killed for no reason in Norway that half the world mourns the death of a druggie and see how they’ll react to that…

  • Ann

    She was a talented woman and her parent’s beloved daughter. Just because she had an addiction does not make her worth less. I almost lost my daughter to drugs and I feel their pain. RIP Amy.

  • Alex Flor

    No more excuses. While the death of Amy Winehouse is unfortunate she certainly was old enough to understand the consequences of using drugs, mind you a drug binge.

    • Mozzie

      Whatever – she had a great voice. Could have had a brilliant future.


  • khelsea

    None of know what happened really. Yes she was an addict but she was a person as well. RIP Amy…your voice will nvr be firgttn

  • Shaykkh

    Ms. Winehouse said “No, No, No.”
    #Let’s Remember her that way.

    R.I.P Amy.

    • jeremy

      Don’t u just love these half wits that call alcoholic/addicts “losers”! I’d put $ on it that they would just jump off a building than be”dope sick” or in withdrawal from booze which is actually the mire dangerous of the two,with H you may feel like yer your gonna die but with booze & a bad habit your luck if you don’t have a seizure or a stroke if your not given Librium till you can even go to rehab do you M.F’s who don’t know there head From a hole in the ground shouldn’t be allowed to talk about shit they have NO IDEA ABOUT!! Addiction does hurt the user & everyone that watches them destroy themselves & you think she wanted to do that to her parents,friends!? ITS A DISEASE,MABEY I’d she had naloxone(narcan) if it was it was H she might have lived,but Mscott is a an ignorant BITCH WITH A 2 I.Q.

      • evolvingminds78

        Unfortunatly most of the music from the past and the present was made from people with addictions or in active addiction. If they suck, go burn all your albums because they suck too. Unless you like Justin Bieber, then you suck. I am a recovering addict and alcoholic, and I just so happened to be the child of an addict and was surrounded by addiction. I didn’t ask to be born into this. So watch what you say, because your kids might end up like this then you might have to eat your words you fuck.

  • Mscott

    Pure and simple she was a loser. All that talent wasted, and her poor family. Glad she’s gone can we just move on. Were her songs any good? All I ever heard about her is what a drunk she was. Good riddance because alcoholics SUCK and ruin other people’s lives.

    • evolvingminds78

      Im talking to you Mscott.

  • KE

    mscott, you suck. I have a drinking problem and the only life I’ve ruined is mine. Granted, I’m no Amy Winehouse, but I don’t hurt others either, as I keep to myself. I protect others, don’t steal, take care of my pets, pay my taxes, and that’s about it.

    • @KE

      If you believe your drinking only hurts you, you are very wrong. It kills the people who love you. Being a drunk affects everyone who sees what you are doing and can do nothing for you. It affects them with worry and hurt.The pain they will feel if you die, is very much able to crush their lives. It never is just about you.

  • MrBone

    You may not think you are hurting anyone, but you are hurting everybody that cares about you, with your drinking problem. I have no sympathy for drug users. People say addiction is a disease … But you choose to start. That is where the problem arises. There is no excuse for starting to take drugs. This woman was no better than the hundreds/thousands of bagheads darkening the streets if every major city. To put her on a pedestal or for her to be considered an icon is deeply disturbing and a sad reflection of British society.

  • Ryan

    These facts are ALL incorrect. Amy’s family said she had kicked drugs but was unfortunatly, still trying to cope with her drinking problems. Police themselves say there was no evidence of any drugs being found in her home. She DIDN’T take drugs before her death. Some people posting here need to go listen to some of her songs. She had an incredible voice and even if you don’t miss her many will and so will the music industry. Artists like her are unique and yes she had her demons but everyone has some. Amy’s may have been more extreme but you don’t know her life, no one does. Only she can fully understand what she goes through. So please, don’t judge. We have lost a talented artist full of potential. Hopefully, she will be in peace now.

    R.I.P Amy Winehouse

  • misssweetness

    ppl make me sick talkin shit about someone who is dead. Triflin ass no life having asses. Unless your name is Jesus who are you to judge. RIP Amy

  • MrBone

    Whether she is dead or alive doesn’t change who or what she was. Last week I thought she was despicable, am I supposed to change my mind now that she is dead?

    Who am I to judge? Well, you are judging, too, just in a positive light. So who are you to judge? Hypocracy!

    Her family say she had given up the drugs, eh? Oh well if that is what her family at it must be true, mustn’t it. For never would a smackhead lie to those around them about kicking the habit.

    The music industry will not miss her. She hasn’t done anything in 5 years, and the state she was in I very much doubt whether she would have done anything worthwhile ever again. The world is a better place for having one less baghead in it.

    • Ryan

      Amy’s famiy have actually been quite honest. They wanted to help her and so wouldn’t of lied. They in the past made very public appeals for her to stop these antics afterall. They told of her giveing up drugs because they were proud. Though they still told of her alcoholic troubles because the wanted her to give this up. She had security that actually lived in her flat at all times to keep an eye on her and prevent her takeing of drugs. The man in charge of security has claimed Amy went upstairs to “lie down” and when she didn’t return a couple of hours later he went to check on her. It was here, sadly, that he found her dead. No one deserves to lose there life. You actually make me SICK, how disrespectful can you be to say “The world is a better place for having one less baghead in it.” What did she ever do to YOU that she deserves comments like these? Horrible, murderers that commits acts like those in Norway deserve death, but Amy DIDN’T! Amy wasnt always a junkie or alcoholic. It wasn’t until she married that this came about. Her ex husband was no good for her, but she became too attached despite the violent arguments between them. This caused her a lot of pain when they decided to divorce. He caused her drug takeing and excessive alcohol. Unfortunatly, a young, talented girl has lost her life.

      R.I.P Amy Winehouse

      • Bhhhh

        I don’t know if you read what MrBone said. He said, and it is a fact, that a druggie will lie to their loved ones about their habits. The poster did not say her parents were lying. The poster said that Amy being a druggie, would obviously be lying to her parents about not taking any drugs… I mean, duh?!! Her parents can only report what she tells them which in itself raises doubts about credibility.

        Now, for your other comment. Amy was in fact always a druggie. If you were her fan, you would know this. She started with pot in her teens, at the age of 13 before getting discovered; a fact she is very proud of and has reiterated this pride in interviews. So you know what, stop trying to explain away her behaviour or blame it on someone else in order to preserve the image you have about your “beloved” Amy. Blake or no Blake, she was going to do drugs. Drugs are everywhere. It is very easy to find them if you look and she clearly was looking which is why she surrounded herself with these kind of people. Heck maybe the so called body guard was getting her some. Who knows? Even if he wasn’t, no one was watching her every move and she was not under house arrest so she could get and sneak drugs into the house or take it at one of her druggie friends’ place. Amy was an adult and knew what she was getting into so enough of the foolish blame game already!

        And I don’t understand where all this support is coming from all of a sudden. When she was alive, where was it? In her life, you mock her. In death you jump to her defence. Really?!!! You people make me sick!!

  • Scadu

    Geesh, some people are so effin’ cruel! Such disrespect of another human being. Our hearts pump RED just like hers. True: people always have a choice and the choices that are made entails a consequence. People come from all different walks of life and who are we to judge? People cope with life’s perils in various ways that they believe are effective for them. Amy was a beautiful and very talented individual. Her life was tumultuous, yes. The drugs/drinking was obviously not a wise choice. She doesn’t deserve to be spoken of like a wild animal. Have some humanity for cryin’ out loud would u!

    • Red

      “Our hearts pump RED just like hers”?? My heart does not pump red, and neither does yours. It pumps blue because that is the colour of blood until oxygenated. If Amy Winehouse’s heart was pumping red, she was probably already dead.

  • Sioux

    It’s true Amy battled with demons,drink & drugs,
    but that does not belittle the person she was.
    It’s something,as a performer,that always lurks there.
    I myself never ”got” the whole drug thing,
    but there were times in my career where I definitely binged on drink.

    An amazing singer,lyricist with a unique look.
    So different to the fake tanned nonentities we see
    these days.
    Amy’s death will be mourned by anyone who was truly a fan.
    And I,for one,am,and always will be.
    R.I.P Amy Winehouse.

  • Gettin’ Better

    WOW! Some people really think that they have a right to judge others. I myself am a recovering addict. I have never done anything wrong as far as the 10 commandments are concerned. All that I have done that I am still faced with on a daily basis is drugs in the privacy of my own home without a soul who has ever known that I was doing them. Some of us are predisposed to alcohol or addiction, if you have ever been through Alcoholics Anonymous or a rehabilitation program, THEN you just might learn something about the disease. Medically speaking and in those rooms ignorance towards these issues are not ignored as I can not ignore some of the ignorance in the posts I’ve seen above. The steps to recover include: Admitting that we are powerless over drugs and alcohol because they are cunning and baffling, admitting that our lives have become unmanagable because of them, only ONE can help and that ONE is GOD may you find him NOW. And the fact that some of us are just BORN THAT WAY! God Rest Amy’s soul. She is even more of an inspiration, I only wish she had the chance to make it through ALL of the processes to recovery without relapse. Anyone who drinks coffee, soda, smokes cigarettes, or even eats to the point that they are full instead of just satisfied is no better. RIP Amy. You ARE SORELY missed by all! I will try to help educate the ignorant but as with addiction, some people are just born that way. Wish me luck as those are the ones that need help more than anyone. As a Dr. I can tell you that I have met many addicts that are alot better off than some of the ignorant people that really have no place in society for their lack of contribution. Again, I thank you Amy for your contribution, this is just a little bit of my contribution. Thank GOD that there is help for addiction. If only ignorance could be cured!

    • Maya

      mm.. I was following you until the God bit.
      Only wanted to point out that, while I didn’t mention this in my response below, I too struggled with drug addictions in High School. Eventually this led to an overdose at the age of just 15. The paramedics didn’t even think I was gonna live to make it to the hospital.
      What helped me get back on track in the end, however, was not God.. But my friends and family and the people who supported me. All of them were hit hard by my actions, they were hurt, but they didn’t blame me and say I deserved to die. They supported me and I graduated High School, getting my first ever Honor Roll senior year, and then I went to College.
      Too bad for Amy, she was too old for her parents to force her to go to Rehab. Drug addiction is something that, once serious enough can only be prevented or realized from the outside.
      But people really need to stop hating on drugs… After all, people use drugs, not drugs use people. drugs don’t jump into people’s body. And almost all drugs can be very effective medicinally, it’s only because irresponsible people choose to abuse them a certain way that they earn such a poor reputation.
      If we let ourselves use drugs positively, and people were more informed about the true nature of drugs, we could become more in control of situations like Amy’s. LSD can be used to help people overcome addictions. While there is the physical addiction, there is also the mental addiction to the feeling and to the state of mind. Most drug users, even hardcore ones, would be more inclined to try quitting if there were such options. LSD can help people overcome depression, drug addiction, and lack of motivation as well as cure migranes. Marijuana can cure cancer, insomnia, stomach cramps (including symptoms of menstral cycles). we just need to understand that the bad that comes from drugs does not come from the drugs, but from within ourselves. With the right sort of awareness, education and research, we could use drugs to make ourselves better instead of hurt ourselves. i got sort of off track… but you should be proud of yourself for overcoming addiction, you worked hard. Please don’t shove your religion down people’s throats, though. People who are religious will nod it off, people who aren’t religious will only find it annoying, it doesn’t change people’s opinions, just makes people think religious people are dogmatic.

      • Renee

        Marijuana doesn’t cure cancer-there are no cures. Marijuana relieves the symptoms from chemo (such as nausea) and the physical pain. If marijuana was the cure for cancer, many terminal cancer patients would light up instead of going through horrible chemo and suffering through cancer.

  • Maya

    Having a drug addiction does not mean that someone deserves to die. Feeling such anger at somebody else’s inability to control their addiction is simply a reflection of one’s own helplessness in controlling themselves. Everyone struggles with limiting themselves in their lives. The most obvious and common is weight. It’s easy to tell someone to stop eating junk, but we know it isn’t that simple. Most people can’t control their junk food addiction, but you don’t find fat people and tell them they deserve to see that in the mirror every day, and deserve their diabetes, do you?
    Believe it or not, this is equally obnoxious, except you’re also taking out your childish bitterness on someone who has died.
    Drugs like Heroin and Crack are physically addictive even the first time that you try them. While it is true that choosing to try drugs for the first time is a personal choice that can be avoided, it really is not so surprising that people struggle with it. Especially when your career involves doing what people tell you, looking the way people tell you and molding yourself into what people tell you you should be, it’s no surprise that peer pressure influences celebrities a lot. Like all people, Amy wanted to make a good impression, fit in, and be successful. in and industry where many people do drugs, everyone can easily afford them, and the fame can keep you out of trouble, it’s no surprise it would eventually come to that. Not many people, when trying to pursue their dream, surrounded by other people who are successful and can make your dreams a reality, would tell those people no, I won’t try this drug with you.
    What’s unfortunate is that Amy was trapped in hardcore drugs, to which willpower alone cannot overcome the addiction. Many drugs are entirely manageable.
    Life is hard. Finding happiness is hard. Drugs can make a person feel great even if they are alone, have no friends, have no family, their career is failing, of course people are gonna use them. But bitter people who don’t use drugs and “suck it up that life is hard” get mad at people who use drugs because they think it’s cheating. If you are unhappy, you should find a way to fix it yourself, not just get mad at other people, thinking they don’t understand your infinite struggles. Hate doesn’t solve anything, making fun of fat people doesn’t make you skinnier, hating on drug users doesn’t make you any happier or healthier.
    We should mourn the loss of a talented woman, as we should mourn the loss of poor children in Norway, because every life is a life and a story and a person. They’re all worth the same and it doesn’t matter if they are young or male or female or famous or rich or poor.

    • Enchanting Luna

      Loved what you had to say….the truth! Good for you!

  • TSD

    Well, I hope we’ll get an honest report in the end, and not a story of love and glory to make her an unforgetable mistery, hoping her records can be sold even after 50 years. I really hope so!

  • TSD


  • Jambo

    Amy was a skanky ass hoe and an embarrassment to all around her. Even with her big fake boobies she still looked a state. Whoever said Jesus is the only one that can judge is a moron. Jesus is a cvnt and so are you!

    • Emily

      Cough *atheist* cough

  • Elmo

    Look here, amy wasn’t THAT bad. She just struggled with some stuff. In this situation, we have no right to judge her. I didn’t see anyone judging michepael Jackson…

  • dion reed

    anyone who didn’t see this coming is stupid!!!!!! I posted 2 months ago That if you get a chance to see her live in concert you should go,because she won’t be alive much longer.

  • Whatever

    I don’t feel sorry for Amy. I won’t miss Amy. I knew she was dying a long time ago. Why use this old picture of her? Why not use a current skank-ass picture of her that shows what she REALLY looked like toward the end?

  • Enchanting Luna

    To all you “haters”, incase your ‘pee sized’ brains can’t comprehend this….alcoholism and drug addiction DOES NOT DISCRIMINATE!!! It can easily creep up amoung the best of anyone. Once it has you, it has taken over your life. IT CONTROLS YOU! Unless the addict has the will to quit on their own, no rehab center, no family or friends can help them. And yes, for some fortunate addicts, they do hit rock bottom saying to themselves:’enough is enough’, for others, they never get the chance to hit that calling and it’s to late for them. It NEVER means their lives weren’t worth it, they were and the sad part is, they didn’t know this! So quit bad mouthing Amy Winehouse and others like her. Until the world can get a grasp on this horrible drug/alcohol problem the whole world has, all we can do is be there for them hoping in some small way, we have somehow, how ever great or small, have been able to reach out for those lost souls. Every human being has self worth, including all you ‘haters’, but do be beware, it could easily be happening right at this very moment to one of your own, and you’re not even aware of it!
    “RIP AMY, you may have departed from this world, but thru your music, you will always live on.”

  • Chelsea

    Everything about this article is a story, fictional story. Fact: they found no ILLEGAL substances during the autopsy. Heroin is obviously scratched off the list. This poor woman has so much bull being said about her after she’s passes away. She was only human like you n me so we have no right to judge her as a person or what she did on her time on earth. We can judge her music which will always be remembered. RIP Amy Winehouse

  • JH

    What a stupid moronic biased and downright untrue story, i know you’d have loved it to have been drug related but in fact she drank herself to death with that poison called alcohol:

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