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Jack Nicholson to Anjelica Huston: ‘Keep Your Mouth Shut’

Posted by Adam

JACK Nicholson is reportedly trying to stop his ex-girlfriend Anjelica Huston from revealing his secrets in her upcoming memoir.

The Hollywood legend dated the actress for 16 years and is reportedly worried about what details she could include in her book about their romance and his wild behavior.

“Jack has a lot of skeletons in his closet and Anjelica knows where most of the bodies are buried.” a source told the National Enquirer. “She not only knows about many of Jack’s women, she also has the goods on his drug use, drinking and kinky sex!”

Jack, 74, even gave Anjelica a diamond and ruby necklace for her 60th birthday when he attended her party in Venice, California, earlier this month in a bid to win her over.

“Jack kissed Anjelica and said, ‘It’s just like old times sweetheart, isn’t it?’” said the source.

“Anjelica was swept off her feet at first, but she’s wise to Jack’s little game. He’s trying to buy her silence.”

The As Good As It Gets star is notorious for his womanizing ways and has dated a string of beauties over the years, including Lara Flynn Boyle and Michelle Phillips.

But he has previously admitted the Horrid Henry: The Movie actress was the love of his life, and he regrets cheating on her with Rebecca Broussard — with whom he fathered two children with.

J”The reality was that I was annihilated emotionally by the separation from Anjelica,” said Jack. “That was probably the toughest period of my life. I may have made a mistake but I don’t want to go back and correct it. I would rather deal with it.”

Anjelica’s book is due to be released in 2013.


  • lucretia light

    Anjelica Huston is a class act. I don’t see her trashing Jack just to sell her book. The fact that she stayed w/ him for 16 years must mean that she cared deeply for him. Having said all that, it would make for some very interesting reading & I doubt it would damage Jack all that much.


    “…a lot of skeletons!” Big deal. Relax, Jack!

  • plumage

    He didn’t just cheat on her with Broussard, he did stuff like that all the time. Huston said one time a girl pulled up on a motor bike when they were at Cannes and said get on, and he just left huston standing there while he went off with this girl. Afterwards he turned up with jewels to say sorry because he always used to buy his way out of trouble with gifts. He was always doing stuff like that according to her (jonathan ross show)