Kristen Stewart Gets Maternal

Sunday, August 7, 2011

KRISTEN Stewart “related” to the maternal aspects of the Twilight Saga.

The 21-year-old actress’ character Bella Swan gives birth to a child with her vampire lover Edward Cullen — played by her real life boyfriend Robert Pattinson — in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn but Kristen doesn’t think it “far-fetched” to think of someone so young as a parent.

“I don’t think it’s far-fetched for someone of my age to be having a child,” she said.

“One of my best friends just had a baby and she’s very, very, very, young. I definitely related to the maternal aspect of things very strongly.”

Despite her maternal instincts being awoken during filming scenes for the series, she admits she was a little freaked out by the animatronic child, operated by a member of the crew, which she had to interact with in certain scenes.

“Filming it, this guy’s sweating under your eye line, they get the hand up to touch your face and then it sticks to your hair and pulls a little bit,” she said.

“You’re like, ‘Ugh! Get that thing off me. Get me a baby, this is ridiculous.’ It had hair and it’s a newborn baby!”


  • Nadiel

    Slow news day, what’s with all the KS boards? No news on Rob?

    • Kizz

      TCAs tonight, so we’ll probably get a board on all his new surfboards..

      • Terri

        Gosh I hope so..tired of looking at Ks. Probably will be some old pic of Robby boy anyway.

      • Kizz

        Maybe not…hoping he’s fixed the mess he calls his hair. Doubt it though, apparently he likes it :roll:

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    • Kristenstewartfan


  • Retard

    Slow news day?

    People like you think this shit is news?

    • @Retard

      Well obviously you do too, because here you are commenting. lol

  • Court jester from the darkest side

    You all mean a NO news day today! Ha ha! No one is interested in the side kick. Everyone wants to hear about bob and his ugly dog. Oh and his undercover lover ,Tommy boy.! He is very obviously the girl in the relay. That is the epic love story kids! Ha ha!

    • http://showbizspy Queen!!!!

      Hi CJ!! *hugs*

      Well, ccording to this report from a British tabloid Sunday newspaper, TomStu and SM are moving in together after only 4 MONTHS!! Looks like they are taking this “bearding” thing a little too far! :lol:

      • Facepalm the Facepalm

        Maybe you should just shave your face.

    • Fan

      we all are interested or we wouldn’t be here. Even tho it’s just to bitch about them. Interested,oh yeah.

    • Court jester from the darkest side

      Hi queenie! Long time no see! Hope you are well. Bob without the albatross acts normal! Pleasent to see, its been a while! Ha ha! Glad he got an award other than for twishit. Harry potter deserved their aw ards. hurrah! Finally the crew were recognized! Off to the land of nod. Happy dreams ladies! Big hugs!

  • http://g @FACE MY ASS!

    We hoped THE RETARDS and THE MADS VOICES….were vanished…..but….after yiur fucking-idiotic-stupid-post…..we REALISED… wasn’t true…..SADLY!!!!FUCK OFF!!!

    • @crazy poster

      What teeny tiny brain writes that stuff? Go somewhere else and spread crazy. Ewww.

  • Interesting

    This article feels like deja vu.

  • Twilight Diaries Girl

    Big Hugs Girls!

    3 words Child Protective Services

    • Interesting


  • Enough With Ms. I Hate My Life

    I’m a Rob fan and I want to read about him. Yeah I have a love hate feelings towards him, but still I want to read about him also. lol

    IMO I think all these articles are to change ppl’s minds about her, nope ain’t gonna happen. This looks like the work of her ppl to keep her in the public eye until SW is released, trying to make her appear more normal. Well I’m not fooled she will always be who she is, and all the articles in the world, talking nice about her won’t change some ppls minds.

  • Duh

    Did she say it has hair and it’s a newborn baby? Okay KS most babies are born with hair, some have a head

    Obviously she’s not seen to many newborns, not all are born bald.

    • eagles125

      This is Kristen Stewart we are talking about. She will always say stupid things. She obviously does not live in this world.

  • Anon

    There’s no way Sienna is screwing Tom! He is so disgusting! And that hairy thing on his face….ughhhhh yuck! Only Rob would want to kiss that. I’m sure Tom is awaiting his boyfriend to arrive in London. Some people say there’s no way gays would have a long monogamous relationship like those two since they were teenagers. Is that true? Why wouldn’t they? I’m sure they fool around with other guys on the side.


      I’M sure…100%…. he will follow his boyfriend…TOM…soon in LONDON,OBVIOUSLY….THE TWIRETARDS and the ROBSTENRETARDS will tell….he will be there for MIGNOTTAFACE….but….we know… is not true…..hehehehehehee….the games will continue…..soooo…we should just….enjoy it……GOOD-MORNING TO ALL SANE!

      • look again

        TS has a reason to be in London and US, his lovah,SM. It was all over the place, he is moving in with SM. They’ve been together 4 months.

      • Click proud Hater!

        She is his beard. Her career is over.

  • rachel

    He was laughing while reading from the prompter about a serious disease. The guy is an idiot.

  • Twilight Diaries Girl

    OMFG! I’m pretty sure that you all have seen these still images & video footage of Robert Pattinson without his Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn co-star Kristen Stewart on the 7th August 2011 & she did not win anything too

    XOXO Twilight Diaries Girl (Truth, Liars & TDG)

  • Suzette

    Is it just me….. everytime R is on his own for awhile he acts better and looks so much better. The last few award shows he has acted awful and looked worse. Tonight he looked great and acted like the old Rob. I refuse to believe that K has that much influence on him. When he won for WFE did anyone notice look on Nikki Reeds face? And why did the camera go to her. TL,NR,AG, All looked great and were a class act. So weird when you take K out of the Picture how things change.

    • melissa

      i absolutely agree with you,he was properly dressed, gave excellent speech,coherent and charming…he was the rob i fell in love with,god i really hope bitch face stays away from him.
      tom sturridge is the son of director charles sturridge i havent heard of him before.can any poster from uk tell me what movies he has directed???

  • Twilight Diaries Girl

    yep & KS got nothing (a first for her) & RP & KS lost Choice Liplock to DR & EW too

  • Twilight Diaries Girl

    yep & Eclipse was well Eclipsed by HP 7 part 1 for Choice Sci Fi Movie

  • melissa

    and by the way adam, how much kristen ppl paying u for this pr??

  • melissa
    rob and nikki reed, didnt they avoid each other at cc??/

    • http://DB DB

      They probably avoided each other at CC b/c KS was there, and it seems KS & NR are no longer friends. And like the lap dog RP is, he avoided her b/c KS said so.

  • fariborz

    she is overrated by Madias

  • http://g @FARIBORZ

    yeah….you are totally RIGHT!AND……I would add…..she is an UNTALENTED-TRASHY-DISAGREABLE-junkie-bitch!

  • haha

    That friend she mentions that had a baby is an ex porn star Britany Coy. She told in 2009 on her facebook she had a lesbian affair with Bitchface and then had to delete that comment when Twitards attacked her. I see they are back together.

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