Taylor Swift Goes to Pieces at Award Shows

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

TAYLOR Swift always feels hocked and uncomfortable at awards ceremonies.

The Grammy winner has just picked up yet more accolades at the Teen Choice Awards but she doesn’t appear to be getting any better at receiving them.

“I go to pieces every time,” says Taylor.

“Winning is something I have never been very good at and I never expect it. That’s why I look so shocked every time — because I genuinely am!”

Swift recently admitted she hates light switches.

“I can never seem to figure out the light switches in hotel rooms,” she said.

“I am constantly in different countries where there is different light switch protocol. You are in these rooms looking for light switches and you just can’t find them. It is just so hard!”


  • Swiftie13

    Wow Taylor! You are so funny! Light switches?? HAHA! i love you! I vote for you! You are amazing!