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Michelle Obama Jealous of Jennifer Hudson?

Posted by Adam

MICHELLE Obama is jealous of Jennifer Hudson.

The First Lady has vowed to ban the singer from the White House after her sexy rendition of “Hap­py Birthday” to President Obama.

Michelle, 47, did a slow burn as she watched the beauty, 29, serenade the president at his 50th b-day bash. He held her hand and practically had to wipe the drool from his mouth.

“Michelle was horrified,” revealed an insider.

“She couldn’t help but think of Marilyn Monroe singing Happy Birthday to President Kennedy, who was her secret lover, at Madison Square Garden.

“And she could tell Barack was en­joying Jennifer’s performance a little too much!

“She was acting appropriately, but Barack was acting like a liquored up frat boy at a strip club.

“When Michelle and Barack got back to the White House, she read him the riot act.”

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  • norma

    Jennifer Hudson is as gorgeous as ever. However, I don’t believe Michelle Obama is jealous of anyone. I think she like many others love and support Jennifer Hudson to the fullest. First, the media said it was Oprah and Michelle. Now, I guest it is Jhud and Michelle time. Do you people realize all these people are in the same circle, and they are best of friends.

  • Bohwe

    This story is so silly. Pres.Obama drooling over J-HUD? REally, nothing against JHud, but the only woman I’ve ever seen Pres.Obama act flirtatious or excited over has always been First LadyMichelle. The way he looks at her, and caressing her, come on, why would he suddenly drool over JHUD? And for the record JHUD voice very strong and gospelesque. She doesn’t sing sexy. So, I can’t see him excited over that.

    Besides, Pres. Obama is very calculating why would he react in such a manner, when he knows Republicans are looking for anything to attack him on. Now, if Michelle was singing, than there’s a possibility he would have gotten excited.

    • // alic mc nicol

      I agree but the Repugs love to spinn !!

  • Dorica

    What a silly story, when I read this stupidity all I could say was yeh right!

  • Kodm

    Wow, you guys can really fabricate s**t!