Rihanna to Adopt From Haiti?

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

RIHANNA is reportedly planning to adopt a baby!

Sources say the singer — who previously confessed she’s scared of childbirth — wants to to give a home to a Haitian orphan,

“She’s dead-set on becoming a mom to a child from Haiti, and she’s just had lawyers make contacts,” a source said.

“Rihanna doesn’t see herself having a biological child anytime soon because she doesn’t have a man in her life — plus, after all the drama with Chris Brown, she’s suspicious of guys.

“But mainly, she says, she needs to make her life less about her and more about someone else.

“She’s getting enthusiastic support from mentor Jay-Z and wife Beyonce and asked them to be godparents!

“This is about Rihanna getting out from under herself and making a difference in the world — starting with one child!”


  • http://Bob Bob

    Why not adopted a American child?

  • aint this some kind of shit

    realy realy realy seriously for real no kiddin how come yall r the only one reportin this for real foreal

  • lena


  • lena

    what the big deal is she adopt a Haitian child racist we all gonna die going to the same place and turn in dust

  • Harry W

    Hello Rihanna,

    Cavedy sade tavety tanea,

    Ce_cavedy, cavedy, cavedy to you; come savety tavety tane afternoon,

    Very much to you_

  • Fariborz

    good move