Blake Shelton’s Ex-Wife Struggling With Money?

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

BLAKE Shelton‘s ex-wife is “barely scraping by” as an elementary schoolteacher in Kansas.

Kaynette Williams – who helped launched country singer Blake to stardom before he allegedly cheated on her with Miranda Lambert — is said to be struggling financially.

“Kaynette was not only a loyal wife, she stood by Blake through the roughest of times while he was struggling,” a source said.

“But Blake turned his back on her for Miranda.

“Without Kaynette to keep his career on track, it’s unlikely he would have ever reached his level of stardom.”

Blake courted Kaynette for several years before they married in 2003. When he filed for divorce in February 2006, he and Miranda had already known each other for nearly six months.

In divorce papers, Kaynette claimed Blake was “guilty of inappropriate marital conduct.”


  • Susie

    What a load of crap. He put her through college, was broke himslef when they divorced. School teachers make a very liveable salary and she needs to grow up and put the past where it belongs – in the past. There is nothing stopping her from improving her life if she’s not happy with it. He’s been gone from her life for 6 years – get over it!

    • http://Yahoo Angel

      “Oh and you were right there so you know all of this for a fact”….. Please you need to get yourself a real life Susie your a load of SHIT ASSHOLE!