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Chaz Bono Wants a Penis

Posted by Adam

CHAZ Bono is considering his options for getting a penis.

The Dancing with the Stars contestant — who was born a female named Chastity and began gender reassignment surgery around three years ago — has undergone a number of operations in his transition but is now readying himself for a “big” operation, though he is unsure which procedure would be best for him.

“So far I’m on hormones and I’ve had a hysterectomy and I’ve had my top surgery, and I’m still at this point researching all the information about bottom surgery before I make a decision about that,” she said.

“It’s a big surgery that one and it’s not totally perfected and it’s something I want to really make sure 100 per cent that the procedure that I decide to do is the right one for me.

“At this point it’s very much something I’d like to do — I’d like to have a penis and I feel very comfortable as a male now.

“Basically, there’s two major procedures, very different ones. One you use everything you already have, which grows from the hormones and is fully functioning but smaller than the average male’s penis.

“The other takes skin grafts from areas that could make those areas not work as well and not having as much feeling as you had before, not having as much sensation, and needing help to function.”

Chaz — who has been in a relationship with Jennifer Elias for five years — also told how well he’s been accepted by the male community, in particular when it comes to using public bathrooms.

“The first time it was a little scary, you don’t want to get hurt, have some person beat you up or something, so I was little scared for a time, but it really isn’t a big deal at all, no,” he said.

“And guys really don’t care, that’s the thing. Women are so much more scared going to the bathroom, men don’t even think about it.”


  • JJ

    While I support trans people, I would like him to stop talking about his genitals. Hey Chaz, if a reporter asks you about your genitals, you can say that it is not appropriate to discuss medical health information in the public domain. You are ruining it for other trans people and giving fodder to the bigoted among the non-trans people by turning your genitals into a public discussion topic.

    • PeePee

      Chaz probably realizes that it is NORMAL for people wanting to know just how can she classify herself as a dude, if she doesnt have a penis yet? She might consider herself a dude, but if she were to strip down in front of a doctor or a coroner and they didnt see a penis on her/him, they would not hesitate to write in their records that she’s a she!

  • Peggy Ferguson

    I’m wondering if insurance pays for Chaz’s kind of surgery? If so then I think its as bad as pro abortionists flaring up,esp during electiontime and the gay groups politicans agree on to get their votes.I haven’t heard Romney’s answer to these but I know I heard Perry say he is for gay marriages. Was that his answer as a christian or politican?
    I agree what M. Bachmann(R) asked during “Irene” as to whether God is angry & showing us with the unfamiliar weather we’re getting.
    We’re in for another hurricane that may hit us within 5 days & within a week of Irene–so what’s to be expected by it no one is sure yet.

    • effbeess

      yep, the invisble man in the sky is sending rain to the gulf coast because people have sexual identity issues. i’d rather go to hell then believe in that maniac of a god, thank you.

  • Tex Fingerhut

    Look, Chaz, as long as you’re going for the anatomically correct option, why not opt-in for a prostate as well? Who cares if you don’t have much sensation, or need help to function? Never prostrate yourself before anyone. Amen.

  • Homer

    Maybe Lady Gaga should have given the prosthetic penis she wore at the music awards to Chaz after she was done with it.

  • Silver

    It has been said time & time again, that people wishing to undergo sexual reassignment must have stringent psychiatric examinations, must live as a member of the sex they wish to be for a period of not less than 2 years, and must not be a homosexual. If a gay man underwent surgery to become a woman, his partner wouldn’t want him. The same is true of a woman wishing to become a man..her female partner wouldn’t want her. I don’t understand Chaz’s relationship. According to reports, Chaz has been in a rerlationship for the past 5 years..obviously a homosexual relationship. I’m confused as to how this relationship can survive. Chaz is now a legal male…& is still in the same relationship.
    I would suppose there are rules for some, & rules for others. THAT is a fact of life.

  • http://hotmail WI Mom

    Chaz is NOT a “HE” until she has a penis. With a vagina = Chaz is female..

  • JudeThom

    Cast away the trans PC agenda–we want to know, and deserve to know, how a person who was once a biological
    woman gets a penis. This is medical knowledge. Do not
    keep it a secret. It will not be much of a penis, that
    much is certain. Such a big fat man with such a small
    little penis.

  • JudeThom

    I am all for gay people, but I still
    believe that many trans people are
    just running away from being identified as gay.
    To alter ‘nature’ like this is really perverse.

  • karn

    chasity is a woman whether she wants to be or not. “Chaz” is nothing more than a halloween costume

  • Lynn

    I’m not sure legally how this works. If she is a he then I guess any women with breast cancer and decides to remove both breast for safety purposes can then decide to be a male as well. That just sounds convenient to me.

  • Annie

    Genitals do not determine gender. The DNA chromosomes do. That’s why children who are born with both genitals are tested to determine which gender they are best suited for can be selected.