Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds to Adopt?

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Friday, September 2, 2011

SANDRA Bullock is reportedly set to adopt a baby with Ryan Reynolds.

The Oscar-winning actress is already mother to 19-month-old son Louis who she adopted as a single mother last year following the breakdown of her marriage to Jesse James.

Sources say Bullock and Reynolds — her costar in hit flick The Proposal –  have been spending an increasing amount of time in each other’s company leading to speculation that they are going to build a family together.

“Sandra is blown away with what a great stand-in dad Ryan has become to Louis and how he treats him as his own,” a source said.

“There is no way Sandy would allow Ryan to bond so tightly with Louis if she didn’t see a future with him.

“They are a great team. Sandy and Ryan were best friends and love blossomed from a solid foundation.

“They share the same family values so they’re powering forward.”

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  • Ted

    Lets hope they adopt an American child this time..

    • Ned

      Louis is American…….African American

    • Mocha

      @ Ted: If you’re going to comment then please have the right information.
      Louis is American, he was born in the city of
      New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.A.

  • Brittany

    What does it matter if they are American or not? It’s statements like these that make Americans look snobby and terrible.

  • Kendra

    LOL! This article is ridiculous and makes no sense. Who comes up with this garbage? How the in the hell do you go from “They’ve been spending an increasing amount of time together” to “We’re adopting a baby!” What?! Where did they get that from? One of their “reliable sources” I guess…smh

    @Brittany: “What does it matter if they are American or not? It’s statements like these that make Americans look snobby and terrible.” Hey Brittany, I don’t think it’s meant to sound snobby. I think the point that some people are trying to get across is how Americans can overlook so many orphaned children in the U.S. to adopt from another country. Now that’s to say that children overseas don’t deserve homes (because they do), but so many people (mainly celebrities) don’t even bother to try and help the children in their own country. I could be completely wrong but I think that’s what some folks mean when they make comments like, “I hope they adopt an American child.”

    • dus


  • andrea

    It’s a fact that Sandy and Ryan have been spending time together during the past month. However, writers of articles like these should not jump into conclusions about what might be happening next as far as Sandy and Ryan’s relationship is concerned…Who knows what they have in their minds? How do the so-called “sources” know for sure? I hope to read more responsible news stories even involving celebrities. Let’s respect one another by becoming truthful.

    • Kendra

      @Andrea: Exactly :-)

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