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Kevin Smith Wants Boba Fett Movie

Posted by Adam

KEVIN Smith is calling for Hollywood legend George Lucas to give a Star Wars bit-part player his own movie.

The Cop Out director — who recently dissed Bruce Willis – is spearheading a campaign to put masked bounty hunter Fett on the big screen but with Captain America director Joe Johnston in charge.

Joe, who worked on the original Star Wars trilogy, recently stated that he thought a Boba Fett movie would be a good idea but that Lucas would never allow it.

“There’s no good reason not to let Joe Johnston make a Boba Fett movie,” says Kevin.

“Give it to him! Why the f*** not? There’s easy money to be made and, plus, you’ll make your audience happy. For years we are all like, ‘We love Boba Fett! We don’t know why, but we like him. He doesn’t do much, but we like him.’ Why George Lucas wouldn’t green light that? That’s just printing money.”


  • Chris

    Perhaps, despite popular opinion, Lucas is not interested in using Star Wars to print money?

    • Jeff

      I agree with Chris. I have found no evidence to support Lucas ever using Star Wars to pump out revenue.

      At all.


      Now, which version of the films shall I enjoy today…?

      • JK

        Correlation does not imply causation

      • Jeff

        Correlation is not causation, but it sure is a hint.

        Let’s agree to disagree over a nice bowl of Kellogg’s C3P0′s cereal, hm?

  • Josh

    Oh God, NO! Kevin Smith, I have respect for you, so I shall pretend you were high when you made that comment. Boba Fett was popular because he had a cool costume, but his only legacy will always be going out like a chump (and don’t you dare give me that drivel about the Sarlacc spitting him back out.) A green light on a Boba Fett movie would be the first Star Wars offering I don’t see – and I would be so irked by its existence that I would probably pay to see whatever else came out in theatres that weekend just to spite it.

  • Austin

    Josh you are the chump!!!! Boba Fett was not a chump! He was and still is the greatest Bounty hunter ever. Have you ever read anything about him in the EU? I bet you havent. From the EU “Which is cannon because every thing is cleared through Lucas” He was shown to be the best bounty hunter ever. So you have no room to talk. Just because you are a wantabe starwars fan that does not know anything doesn’t give you a right to diss the Fett! As they say on FanBoys “You diss the Fett again I will cornhole you with this lightsaber” Now a Fett movie would be awesome and to heck with the FETT haters. Long live BOBAFETT!!!!!!!!!!

  • john

    Would much rather see another Jurassic Park movie.

  • Gothan Comixs

    I agree, Austin.

    A Fett movie should be made. Check out this Facebook page campaign if you’re interested.

  • David Hunt