Scarlett Johansson Doesn’t Want to be a Token Woman!

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Monday, September 12, 2011

SCARLETT Johansson is a diva!

The actress, 27, is proving to be just as formidable as her Black Widow character on the Avengers set.

According to reports, Scarlett as apparently been demanding more action in the comic book movie which sees her kick-ass character reunited with Iron Man as well as other Marvel heroes including Captain America, Thor and Hulk.

“Scarlett is making a point of not being the token woman in the movie,” reports a source on the set.

“She has had extra action scenes already but is still wanting more. She’s also been very reluctant to have her character be a love interest for the male heroes. Scarlett wants Black Widow to be on a level with the guys if not even more super!”

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  • Arthur Paul

    Scarlett is 26.

    • Arthur Paul

      She’s beautiful and talented and 26.

      • (chris)

        you seem to know alot about scarlett… do you follow her on twitter? facebook? to her house?

      • Arthur Paul

        You forgot to mention to the depths of the ocean. I was in the U.S. Nuclear Submarine Service.

  • The Boom King

    But Scarett…The Black Widow plays in the shadows. She’s a constant love interest to many of the Male characters because she plays them, betrays them and in some instances, kills them!! Did I mention your character’s name is THE BLACK WIDOW!?

    Be patient! Marvel Writers know what they are doing and you will get your deserved time in the lime light. Or they wouldn’t have brought you on, in the first place.

    Still love you though!!! :)

  • Serge

    S.J. is stolen biological material, taken against will and formed to clones line 200 pieces total. Dangerous criminal activity. Original Scarlett Galabekian future pediatrician doctor, pediatrician nurse license she obtained in 2008

  • Troy

    This is no fault of her’s bjt every single time i see her character in the trailers i can’t possibly look at her without thinking token women