Angelina Jolie is at One With Nature

Thursday, September 15, 2011

ANGELINA Jolie is bugging out!

The actress — who is a mother of six — says she is such a fan of veteran anthologist and ape expert Jane Goodall that she and partner Brad Pitt make a point of encouraging their children to be hands-on with nature.

“I remember the stories about how Jane used to keep worms in jars when she was little and bring them into the house and I look for that in my children,” says Jolie who appears on a TV biography of the 77-year-old animal lover.

“If ever my children want to take care of a bug I know it’s very important to help them do that because it’s symbolic of love and nature. Maybe then you’ll have a little Jane Goodall on your hands!”

Jolie recently admitted she hasn’t seen all her films.

“Brad jokes with me, because I’ll watch a movie and I’ll be asleep in five minutes. I’m terrible. There’s some of my own I’ve never seen,” she said.


  • Lila

    didn’t she say she killed her pets? Is that because she is one with nature?

    • jilly

      She has to come up with new things to keep people interested. Feeding her kids bugs, raising worms, having sex with farm animals, etc. Dogs and cats, she kills!

      • Me

        Farm animals? That explains it. I guess making Pitt look like her brother didn’t do it for her so maybe looking like a goat did.

    • Me

      That was when she was trying to be a blood wearing original wierdo. Now she is playing mother teresa who is nothing but normal. You really need to keep up with her parts she’s playing or it’s confusing.:)

      • jilly

        “Me”, good to have you here. :)

  • Nona

    Angelina is in the Jane Goodall documentary debuting in the U.S. Sept. 27 at 500 theaters in most cities. She seems very sincere and lends herself to good works.

    • Lila

      Is it a documentary about the missing Link?
      Or the yeti.?

  • Angelmaphi


  • http://yahoo Anonymity

    Even if she saves many persons by the good heart, a bad man does not accept by any means. Instead, a bad man protects the beautiful actress of self-centered imitation.
    A bad man needs to go to hell. Or don't read her report.


    Stories about her children are boring. Let’s listen something about animals.

  • M

    still u are doing it jilly…i thnk u have done all these crap… woman(r u)

    • jilly

      shut up.

  • Me

    Her movies even make her fall asleep. Has she even done enough movies to not have seen them all? Gee, I hope she didn’t miss out on Sky Captain.