Ashton Kutcher Wanted Hot Tub Worthy Women!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

ASHTON Kutcher is a bad husband.

According to the new issue of Us Weekly magazine, the actor — who’s married to Demi Moore — spent the evening of his sixth wedding anniversay at the San Diego Hard Rock Hotel which culminated in a sexual encounter in a hot tub with local blonde Sara Leal in his $2,500-a-night hotel suite.

Moore, 48, was elsewhere in the U.S. promoting her directorial work for the Lifetime short film project 5.

“He said none of the girls were ‘hot-tub worthy,’” a source said.

“Ashton told them he was separated from Demi.

“Within five minutes, they were all naked in the hot tub, making out!”

Meanwhile, sources close to Demi say she’s “struggling. She’s been alone a lot lately.”


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  • hot tub covers

    The therapeutic effect of hot tub is not felt in this sad tale of a story. The girls are not really hot tub worthy. Go on with your life Demi. You have so much to gain. Ashton is not a man to die for.

  • Rober142

    Not worthy! Everyone deserves to soak in a relaxing hot tub!