Anna Faris Gets Gun For Birthday

Friday, October 7, 2011

ANNA Faris‘ husband bought her a gun for her birthday.

The actress loves that her spouse Chris Pratt is a real man’s man who likes hunting and he surprised her when she turned 34 with her own firearm.

“When we started dating he was really charming and he took care of me,” she said. “We both grew up in the same area — there’s something really wonderful about that. And he’s a dude. He likes to hunt and fish, and wear camouflage. He got me a gun for birthday. I like that he’s a man. It’s hard to find in Hollywood!”

Anna and Chris — who married in July 2009 – first met on the set of Take Me Home Tonight and the blonde beauty admits she wasn’t the only girl vying for his attention before she eventually made a move on him.

“We met doing a movie called Take Me Hone Tonight. He was sleeping with a bunch of other girls on set, and we were friends, but I liked him,” she said. “After a while it was like, ‘You know I’d like to date you.’ And so we’ve been together ever since then — we just don’t talk about the other girls!”


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