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Selena Gomez to Dump Justin Bieber

Posted by Adam

SELENA Gomez has been reading the riot act!

The teen superstar and her boyfriend Justin Bieber are reportedly on the verge of splitting — because Justin is being immature!

“Selena is growing increasingly frustrated with Justin,” reveals one source.

“Most of the time they are apart because of work commitments but then when they do get together it’s becoming increasingly obvious that it’s not working.

“Justin is still like a kid. All he wants to do is watch movies and play video games. Selena is very much a young woman. She wants to go out and have romantic dinners but that’s not happening.”

Justin was recently asked if he was in love with Selena.

“I wouldn’t be with somebody if I wasn’t in love,” he replied.

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  • Enrique puente

    Selena gomez you have to choose the right guy that will make you happy and go out to eat and have romantic times like me I’m romantic and I think about you every second of my life and I wish I could be with you right now and when I see you I’m tell you how much I really love you…..xoxoxoxo

  • Sandra Wroblewski

    Hey Selena Gomez why you dump justin bieber why he is immature tell me why? Do you think he is a nerd or something. I don’t know what girl he is going to ask. I am your #1 biggest fan i listen your many songs everyday “I LOVE YOU”.

  • http://N/A Kelly

    Personally, I don’t believe it myself. There was a rumor that Justin and Selena had broken up in August and that turned out to be a big fake, so why should this one be real?

  • JelenaLoverForever

    WOW…. I dont think I bolieve this it might be true and it might be fake but it does’nt look like is true because in all the pictures they are always soo happy! together they make a perfect couple they are the cutest couple in HOLLYWOOD well and if is true I dont know what to do that would be sooooo….. sad :( well but thats selena gomez’s and justin bieber’s detition and if she feels like breaking up with him or no thats there choice..

    • faith

      i hate selena gomeze and i think she is a loser and i think she is ugly

      • GoJELENA

        Fuck u. ur ass whore. he will never date u so fuck it. and Selena the prettiest girl and she isn’t a loser like u. People love her and obviously u can’t see what pretty and what’s not. so suck it. Idc if u hate selena but not a true fan to any of ‘em. Yeah, u might be a fan of JB just not a true one. LIKE ME!!! SO gO FUCK A HOBO!

  • http://notengo Aixa

    I hope some day you might know selena i am your greatest fans!!!!! I have everything and sleep with yuu!!!sos best!!!i love you …

  • Steph

    Uh hello… he reserved the Staples center for dinner and a movie.. sounds romantic to me

  • Unnamed.

    oh yeah. he really is like a little kid,
    spending all his fucking money on her, renting staples center for 2 million dollars, going on dinners .
    oh and may i add, look at the fucking pictures, she looks immature, he’s the one thats protecting her, YOU CAN SEE IT ANYWHErE.

    I don’t like jelena ,not at all. i don’t think their good togather but thats some bullshit right there,

    I’m a belieber.

    See if she said any of those things?! i swear DOWN she needs to go and hide her lil face from our army.
    i swear to fuck.
    she aint worth him !
    he does so much for her, and he gets hate for it. selena is only getting hate because of this kind of shit!

    get a life people because .. tbh, i think their happy togather, they seem it. you never know. but they wouldn’t make out and shit and look happy if they wouldn’t be happy.
    so get a life and move on from JELENA thats old

    thankyou very much .

    -UnNamed. :)

    • GoJELENA

      Fuck u. Justin and Selena are happy together. u wouldn’t want just sad and lonely. w/ no Gf or married partner. he wants a family. but no..U want him to be sad all his like people like u are fuckin’ whores. I mean seriously u might lik J.biebs <3 but ur not a true fan. so suck it ass hole.

  • http://google Don’t worry about it

    Hey Belieber Justins FUCKING stupid Selena Deserves so much better and do you know all you defending are being pointless cuz he’s not going to date any of you. HE is IMMATURE sorry to break the news he’s like wat 17 and still acts like he’s 8. And you need to stop saying she needs to go hide her face cuz ur not going to do shit bitch so shut up. JUSTIN”S not in love with any one other than the person he sees in the FUCKING MIRROR. He wouldn’t protect any girl as soon as someone one threatened his girlfriend he will run to the corner, cry and suck on his thumb. do you know every time some one hears Justin Bieber on the radio they say O who’s this little girl she sounds good! IF its not clear I DON”T LiKE Justin So get a life and move on from Justin
    ~Thank you~

  • Dylan

    What d FUCK is wrong wit u people. Cant u get a life. It not ur FUCKING BUSINESS if they are together or not so stop wit d insult. No matter how much u hate justin or selena u keep it to ur self assholes. Cuz no matter d hate u cant do anything about it so SHUT IT. Most be crazy. And wats gives u guys d idea that justin or selena is immature.

  • Laura

    Selena, you are a nice women, and i think you shud listen to your hart, and if you hart sas to be whit Justin then do, i thin you will make the rihg chois!!!
    p.s be happy, love ya!