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Cory Monteith Struggles With Women

Posted by Adam

CORY Monteith has told of his struggles with potential girlfriends.

The screen hunk may be surrouded by beautiful women on set but away from work he’s not quite at the center of attention.

“I’m reserved and quite shy when it comes to girls,” says Corey.

“I take myself pretty seriously. I am pretty goofy and make a lot of dumb jokes and that is kinda how I communicate a lot of the time.”


  • gabi

    His name is Cory without the ‘e’ and shouldn’t the first sentence of the last paragraph be “I DON’T take myself pretty seriously”?

  • barbara

    Maybe he’s interested in the wrong kind of girls – the high-maintenance kind.

  • sarah

    You have misquoted him – he said in the interview for Monte Carlo “I don’t take myself too seriously”…

  • sarah

    You have two errors and haven’t bothered to change them! To hear stuff from cory direct he is on twitter @CoryMontieth

  • sarah

    Pls help nominate @CoryMonteith as Male Comedy Actor in People’s Choice Awards 2011! via @peopleschoice