Amanda Seyfried Fancies Justin Timberlake

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

AMANDA Seyfried has a crush on Justin Timberlake.

The actress stars with the singer-and-actor in new sci-fi thriller In Time and Amanda has admitted she has had her eye on her handsome costar — who recently reunited with girlfriend Jessica Biel – for some time and loved shooting their “sexy” scenes together.

“Oh yeah of course I fancy Justin, I’ve known him for a while, he’s awesome,” she said.

“In the movie our characters have this instant connection. They immediately flirt and it’s awesome but then he takes her hostage because that’s the only way he sees to get out of this situation he’s in. And then she’s confused and their dynamic changes and it’s sexy and great.”

Amanda also revealed Justin loves to sing on set, especially anything by Cee Lo Green but said she was too embarrassed to join in with him.

“We didn’t have any sing-a-longs on set but he does sing a lot. I don’t sing when I’m around Justin, I’d be too embarrassed because he’s so talented. He was singing Cee Lo Green a lot,” she said.

“He’s awesome, he’s really fun and professional, just the perfect co-star. He made it all easier.”