Demi Moore Won’t Divorce Ashton Kutcher

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

DEMI Moore won’t be divorcing husband Ashton Kutcher – despite claims of the actor’s infidelity.

The Striptease actress is said to have taken great strain from the scandal surrounding her toyboy husband who is accused of having spent his wedding anniversary in a hotel room with 22-year-old model Sara Leal.

“Demi is understandably struggling to cope with the last few weeks but she and Ashton are working through it,” reveals a source close to the couple.

“She’s told Ashton that she doesn’t want a divorce and they are trying to repair the damage caused by these accusations. Ashton is going to be spending as much time with Demi as he can in the hope they can leave all this behind them.”

Ashton KutcherKutcher vowed to make things better

Meanwhile, Ashton is said to have drawn up a list of rules he’ll abide by if Demi forgives his fling with Sara Leal.

“Ashton feels terrible about how badly he’s hurt Demi,” said an insider.

“She went from mad to hurt to deeply depressed… So he told her he’d sat up one night writing this long list on how he could improve as a husband.

“Demi told me she cried when she read it – but she’s not sure if that’s enough to forgive him.

“He’s hoping Demi will give him one last chance. He’s trying to show how much he regrets hurting her. But she’s still unsure his vows are enough.”

Bruce stepped in

Other reports have claimed Demi’s ex-husband, Bruce Willis, isn’t too happy with Kutcher about the cheating allegations.

When Bruce found out he flipped,” an insider told Britain’s Now magazine.

“He plans to confront Ashton and give him a huge talking-to. Although he and Demi split in 2000, he still considers her family.

“Bruce believes if you mess with someone he loves, you mess with him. He trusted Ashton not to hurt his family and is planning to give him a piece of his mind.

“When he finally catches up with him it won’t be pretty.”



  • kipa

    Bruce cheated on Demi Moore too. Recognize his own fault. Don’t discuss the fault of others. Shameful….

    Honestly speaking, Demi brings fortune to Ashton Kutcher.
    But I still hope that Demi could get someone trustworthy, and caring for a life partner. Good luck to Demi!

  • proudmama08

    Bruce didn’t cheat on her. Her new hubby did. This makes two times he has. Gud luck girl. Try to keep ur marriage together

  • Amy

    This guy is to fine to be loyal with this so called couger.

    She cheated on Bruce with younger men back in the day.

    Karma allways makes it’s rounds sooner or later.

    He is to fine to be married to a women old enought to be his mother.

    This guy is beautiful and he will move on to someone his age sooner or later.

    She will look like his Grandmother in 10 years even with all the plastic surgery.

  • jilly

    She is acting like a desperate cougar. Drop the cheater, you won’t die without a husband.


    who is Demo?

    • jilly

      Adam needs to take a typing class or a little bit of proof reading. :)

  • PAP

    Bruce cheated on Demi Moore????????? Sex with other women too. Shame on him.

  • Jue

    Is Bruce honourable? Why dumped by Demi?….instead of a Happy Marriage????????????? Cheated on her!!!!!!!

  • Yan

    Anyone in this cheated relationship would get the karmic retribution.

    Old man marry young wife, golder digger, and enjoy great sex, fame….. If the old man is poor, would the young gold digger marry him??? This is because of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ ???????????

    Mature woman married a young one to bring luck and wealth to his husband, and hope that the young one would take care for her.

  • jenny

    Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher relationship. People are just envy and full of jealousy. Demi moore is the best mother to her three daughters, she bared all the pains and is truly with them thru thick and thin of life.

    Ashton Kutcher is a caring gentleman towards his step daughters. However, the difference of age (15 years) really touched my heart. age does not play a major role in love, as they say, “love is blind.”

    I sincerely hope that Ashton Kutcher precious his Marriage. Taking care of Demi Moore too.

    Aston Kutcher! You are a GREAT GENTLEMAN in the world if you could be honest and trustworthy to you mature wife Demi Moore. Wishing Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore A New Happy Marriage Life after they had gone through all these difficulties and problems in life.


    The end of holiday called “Younger guy”.